MOBI membership benefits

join a community of like-minded organizations
working to make mobility safer, greener, and more accessible

why MOBI?

MOBI is an open, inclusive organization with corporate partners from diverse industries working with governments, nonprofits, academia, and private entities. Corporate members range from some of the world’s largest companies to startups beginning their fundraising efforts. MOBI’s members get a variety of benefits from participation in the MOBI community, including standards development, as blockchain and distributed ledger technologies become increasingly important to competitive advantage.





global colloquiums

Attend global conferences hosted by MOBI to network and brainstorm with organizations who share our vision of greener, safer, and more accessible mobility. Learn about the progress MOBI has made and hear ideas from our community members about the future of mobility. 

working groups

Working groups explore specific use cases within the mobility industry and establish common means to define, measure, and test quality, performance, and security. The product of working groups fosters adoption and reduces time-to-market, facilitates interchange and interoperability, and reduces risk to integrators and users.

innovation network

Gain access to quality vetted startups through our weekly Channel Calls featuring new pitches from our community every week. Members have the chance to pitch their solutions to the community while also giving and receiving feedback from experts in the field.

drive change

Help us lead the way into the future of mobility by contributing to the MOBI community and sponsoring the MOBI Grand Challenge as an entrant, sponsor, or mentor. Become part of a community that shares the passion, drive, and expertise in mobility.

interested in joining MOBI?

Are you interested in learning about how your organization can become a part of the MOBI ecosystem or want to inquire about a potential collaboration? Fill out the form below to make a formal inquiry with the MOBI team.

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