Web3 Course Materials

Free, members-only workshop series on fundamental Web3 concepts and primitives. Watch the archived recordings and review the slide decks to learn how your organization can enter new markets using Citopia and the Integrated Trust Network (ITN) for cross-industry interoperability.

#Slide DeckDescriptionPart 1Part 2
1Introduction to Decentralized IdentityThis session explored the limitations and risks associated with centralized identity systems, delving into the concept of decentralized identity and its significance in today’s digital landscape.LINK 
2Understanding Decentralized IdentifiersIn this session, participants gained an understanding of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), their architecture and use cases, how they’re distinct from traditional identifiers, and how they’re generated using the Integrated Trust Network (ITN).LINKLINK
3Understanding DID DocumentsIn this session, participants learned about the significance and components of DID Documents, along with the respective roles of public and private keys in the DID Document.LINKLINK
4Understanding DID Resolution, DID Verification, DID MethodsThis session covered DID Resolution and its importance, DID Verification and DID Methods.LINK 
5Introduction to W3C Verifiable Credentials & PresentationsThis session featured an examination of the W3C Verifiable Credentials (VCs) data model along with the roles of core actors (issuers, holders, and verifiers) and their interdependent relationships. Additionally, the session delved into the concept of Verifiable Presentations (VPs).LINK