For participants, DRIVES provides a neutral laboratory to incubate pilots, analyze the value chain for innovative business models, and understand the benefits, costs, and feasibility of multi-party applications. It leverages MOBI’s standards, infrastructure, and network of peers to reduce the cost of onboarding participants, share resources, and lower risks.

DRIVES Program

MOBI launched the DRIVES Program in early 2021 to ideate, incubate, and demonstrate multi-party use cases and accelerate the implementation of MOBI standards. The roadmap after a standard’s release is as follows:

  • Use case selection by working group (WG) members
  • Proof of value discussions by the WG
  • Minium value ecosystem (MVE): demonstration of key primitives for use cases and Integrated Trust Network/ITN (formerly mobiNET) core services
  • Pilots and prototypes: broaden the MVE for the WG to perform pilots
  • Enterprise-scale commercial applications: MOBI’s role is to provide core shared services via the ITN. Members build individual applications

Distributed Registry for Intelligent Vehicle Ecosystem Sustainability

The What and Why of DRIVES

DRIVES is a structured agile development environment to:

  • Test the MOBI Technology Stack and allow for community collaboration
  • Demonstrate the Trusted Trip as a key primitive for smart mobility use cases and supply chain use cases. The Trusted Trip is a trip completed or in progress by a roaming entity (e.g. vehicle or smartphone), the attributes of which are validated by authorized entities in the co-op network
  • Provide a testnet for connected mobility providers to collaborate and scale multi-party use cases built on blockchain/DLT
  • Enable new business models, monetization, and incentive mechanisms for smart and low-carbon mobility

DRIVES Program in the MTS

The DRIVES Program plays a key role in incubating and demonstrating the MOBI Technology Stack. DRIVES also opens up monetization opportunities for MOBI members. The immediate use cases that DRIVES focuses on are battery state of health (SOH), usage-based fees, and incentives and rewards.

DRIVES is also considering several supply chain use cases including parts traceability, emissions tracking, and parts end of life. The Finance, Securitization, and Smart Contracts (FSSC) Working Group is currently working on a Dealer Floorplan Audit pilot.

How to Get Involved in the DRIVES Program

Interested in learning more about the DRIVES Program and how your organization can get involved? Fill out our Membership Inquiry Form and Contact Betul Kahya, MOBI Fellow. Participation in DRIVES is open to all MOBI members.