Federal and state anti-trust laws protect and promote a competitive, free market economy. These laws specifically prohibit certain conduct that may result in price-fixing, division of markets, boycotts and other anti-competitive behavior.

As a general rule, discussions and information sharing between MOBI’s participants should be limited to each meeting’s narrow scope.

To avoid even the appearance of conduct that is prohibited by law, the participants agree not to discuss vehicle or parts pricing, common suppliers, future product and marketing program plans, and other potential joint activities, such as market or customer divisions, boycotts, and, of course, price-fixing.

Participants will not engage in any informal discussions of these topics with competitors during the breaks, social events or any other time.

If a participant is not sure whether a topic would be prohibited, one indication is whether its company considers confidential the information the participant wishes to share. If there is any question as to whether a topic may legally be discussed, consult your company’s counsel before opening the discussion.