Finance, Securitization, and Smart Contracts (FSSC) Working Group

The FSSC Working Group aims to enable the creation of Web3-based solutions to improve the vehicle finance process for lenders, dealers, manufacturers, and consumers alike.

NOTE: The FSSC WG has reached a milestone, having finished the initial preparation, scope definition, and materials creation for the Web3 Registration and Titling pilot. Therefore, we will be pausing regular FSSC meetings until after an in-person meeting with all the stakeholders, planned for spring-summer.

Meeting files will be added to the portal within 1-2 business days after the meeting has taken place.

In-progress documents live in MOBI’s Shared Drive for collaborative editing purposes.

Date PublishedDocumentVersion No. Access
June 2021FSSC Business White PaperVersion 1.1The full standard is publicly available at the link provided.
June 2021FSSC Technical SpecificationsVersion 1.1The full version of this standard is not publicly available. Please fill out this form to request full access to this standard.