Working Groups

At MOBI, we are honored to collaborate with our members on mobility use cases. There are currently six MOBI Working Groups:

  • Vehicle Identity (VID)
  • Usage-Based Insurance (UBI)
  • Electric Vehicle Grid Integration (EVGI)
  • Connected Mobility Data Marketplace (CMDM)
  • Finance, Securitization, and Smart Contracts (FSSC)
  • Supply Chain (SC)
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Before the adoption of any revolutionary technology, industries need standards and specifications to build the foundational infrastructure enabling the creation of products and services that can communicate and work together. There are four types of MOBI Working Group Standards:

  • 0001 – Business White Papers (WP)
  • 0002 – Use Cases and Business Requirements (UC)
  • 0003 – Technical Specifications (TS)
  • 0004 – Reference Implementation Architectures (RI)
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The MOBI Standards Glossary of Terms defines all of the terms used in the MOBI Standards. It is a living document that will be updated as MOBI and its members create and update Standards.

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MOBI Technology Stack

Our future technology initiatives are best captured in the MOBI Technology Stack, MTS. The stack is made up of MOBI Standards, mobiNET, and Citopia.

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MOBI Grand Challenge

The MOBI Grand Challenge (MGC), launched in October 2018, is loosely modeled on the DARPA grand challenge for autonomous driving which captured the public imagination and launched the autonomous driving revolution. The ultimate goal of the challenge is to create the first viable, decentralized, ad-hoc network of blockchain-connected IoT and smart infrastructure that can reliably share data, participate in transactions, coordinate behavior, and thereby improve human mobility.

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