Community Innovation Lecture Series2021-04-05T16:57:48-07:00

Past topics include data monetization, autonomous vehicles, supply chain management, among many others. Our lecture series is free and open to the public. Recordings are available here after the event takes place.

If you’re interested in sharing your innovation with our community, contact Annabelle Sbarbatti at


Featured Lectures

Rebuilding the Web of Trust | 2 June 2021

This lecture will introduce the concepts of decentralized identifiers and verifiable credentials, and how these industry standards together with their implementations can be utilized [...]

Lecture Archives

The Open Mobility Network (OMN)

OMN has a new name! OMN is being renamed to mobiNET. The program is still a member-owned cooperative to develop a collaborative infrastructure for mobility [...]

Building an Infrastructure for the IoT World

Blockchain Industry and Innovation Labs Co., Ltd. (BiiLabs) is a tech startup headquartered in Taiwan. Launched in 2017, the company builds network infrastructures that use blockchain [...]

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