MOBI Community Innovation Lecture: The Open Mobility Network

July 23, 2020

Transportation and mobility at large are being disrupted tremendously with the advent of new technologies and connectivity. The survivors of the ecosystem will need to adapt quickly, innovate, and move fast to capture new revenue opportunities and create existing cost structures efficiencies. At the core of this lies a need for a transparent, trustworthy, secure, and auditable data network. 

Data is now the most important economic determinant and one of the most valuable assets a company can have. Data has gone from corporate data stores to cloud to now shared data storages. It needs careful consideration, strategic planning for, and importantly, scale. 

To address this need, MOBI is leading the development to build the Open Mobility Network, or OMN, designed for both public and private stakeholders of the ecosystem, to record, share, consume, exchange, and monetize mobility data. The overall goal of the OMN is to create  a multi-stakeholder, interoperable, mobility ecosystem, yielding increased transparency, coordination, and automation between the stakeholders. 

Watch the video below for an inside look into the OMN.

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