On the eighteenth of February 2020, MOBI hosted MoCo Berlin at Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park, in collaboration with the Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory, Bosch, MHP, and Riddle and Code. Considering the role of emerging technology in the public conversation around data, Berlin served as a relevant and thriving location for introducing the New Economy of Movement. View the MoCo Berlin event report.


Quicktake Compilation

Watch a compilation of all Quicktakes presented in Berlin. Quicktakes are short, 7-minute presentations that touch upon recent developments. A variety of topics are covered within a limited time frame, giving more community members an opportunity to share.





Panel: Public/Private Collaboration to Advance Blockchain for New Mobility

Speakers: Clemens Pompeÿ, Irene Adamski, Florian Glatz, Andreas Hartl, Marcus Olszok, Lukas Repa, and Vincent Schlatt.

Quicktake: Distributed Identity by Andre Kudra

Quicktake featuring Dr. André Kudra, CIO of esatus AG, a consulting company specializing in information security matters. André is a strong advocate of Self-Sovereign Identity and a Sovrin Technical Governance Board member.





Quicktake: Interoperability by Marco Baricevic

Quicktake featuring Marko Baricevic, Developer Relations, Tendermint Lab. Marko began in the enterprise blockchain sector and later transitioned to permissionless blockchains. He is a developer relations engineer focusing primarily on Tendermint Core and expanding its ecosystem.


Mobility Blockchain Platform: Service and Identity Roaming for Mobility by Harry Behrens

Harry Behrens, Head of the Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory, is a veteran in Blockchain technology. In 2016 he co-founded the Daimler Financial Services Blockchain swarm and initiated the development of the smartVIN ® Blockchain platform.


Government Perspective on Blockchain by Thomas Heilmann

Thomas Heilmann, Member of German Parliament, Deutscher Bundestag, describes his role as blockchain spokesperson in the German Parliament. He outlines four important aspects of blockchain for governments to consider: standardization, stable coin, blockchain-based company law, and digital identity.


Blockchain and the Automotive Sector by Sebastian Becker and Katarina Preikschat

Sebastian is the Chief Commercial Officer at Riddle & Code. He’s in charge of Riddle & Code’s business development and sales internationally and is also heavily involved in industry associations and the partner ecosystem. Katarina is a Blockchain Portfolio Development Manager at MHP and has an extensive background in blockchain research. In 2017, she was involved in the first blockchain prototype development.