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Web3 Solutions for Multiparty Business Automation

— Zero Trust Architecture and Data Privacy Compliance for Web3 Digital Commerce

MoCoLA is the premier event for breakthrough Web3 solutions in connected ecosystems and IoT commerce. Explore the future of blockchain, decentralized identity, and Self-Sovereign Digital Twins™; take the stage to share your thought leadership; network with other professionals from around the globe — and more!

Over the past decade, public and private organizations worldwide have urgently sought solutions to improve data reliability and implement Zero Trust security; protect consumer privacy (GDPR); and unlock business automation.

Since 2018, MOBI and its members have worked to build a standards-based, community-owned and -operated Web3 infrastructure — Citopia and the Integrated Trust Network (ITN) — to support privacy compliant, scalable, interoperable, multiparty applications. Citopia and the ITN are maturing more rapidly than ever with ongoing community built pilots

This year, we’re excited to bring our community together in person for the first time since 2019. Participate in MoCoLA23 to witness the cutting-edge tech and growing momentum behind our Web3 solutions:

  • Explore the latest Working Groups innovations and dive into our cross-industry Standards including the MOBI Battery Initiative.
  • Learn how Citopia and the ITN enable cross-border compliant applications such as the Battery Passport for supply chain track-and-trace, Dealer Floorplan Audit using Citopia vinTRAK’s zero-knowledge proof of vehicle location, Road Usage Charging (RUC), and more. 
  • Discover the latest innovations and collaboration opportunities from MOBI members around the globe. 
  • Learn how your organization can enter new markets by building Web3 multiparty applications on Citopia and the ITN to share data securely and privately, automate business transactions, and seamlessly manage your assets.
  • Incorporate Zero Trust security and data privacy compliance for your products. 
  • Attend a hands-on workshop and learn how to build dApps using MOBI Web3 Infrastructure. 

Join us in Building the New Economy of Movement!

MoCoLA23 will be divided into five sessions: 

  • Session I — vinTRAK, Identity, and Data Privacy
    • Panel: Vehicle Track-and-Trace Applications and Data Privacy
  • Session II — Collaboration for Enterprise Value
  • Session III — partsTRAK and the Global Battery Passport
    • Panel: Multiparty Applications Interoperability Leveraging Citopia and the ITN
  • Session IV — MaaS and the Universal Wallet
    • Panel: One-Stop Multimodal Solution for Services Discovery 
  • Session V — MOBI Members Web3 Showcase

In this year’s speaker lineup, we’re bringing together some of the most prominent thought leaders and technical experts from across the globe to share insights at the cutting edge of innovation in cross-industry collaboration, Web3 business automation, blockchain, and connected ecosystems!

The following is a sneak preview of the MoCoLA23 speaker lineup. Stay tuned for more speaker announcements coming soon!


Chief Innovation Officer

Oregon Department of Transportation

The Future of Transportation Funding




Zero Trust Architecture and Data Privacy Compliant with Citopia and the ITN


Senior Research Fellow


Mobility ZERO — Carbon Footprint and Supply Chain Traceability of EV and Battery

Andrew Koblenz


Executive VP, Legal & Regulatory Affairs


Future of Automotive Retailing: Pain Points and Opportunities


President, Sustainable Mobility Solutions

SAE International



Director, Transit and Emerging Mobility

IBI Group

EZConnect: An Open and Cloud-based Mobility Center Platform for Providing One-Stop Access for Travel Needs of Underserved Customers


Proposal Program Manager

Uber Transit

Uber Transit Opens Its Doors to Public Agencies With APIs


Head of Standards & Certification


Battery Passport: Standard-based, Platform-agnostic, Cross-border Compliant


Director, Surface Transportation Division

Noblis Inc.

Misbehavior Detection in Connected Intelligent Transportation Systems


CEO + Founder


Collaboration for Enterprise Value

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