Citopia vinTRAK is a federated Web3 infrastructure designed to enable the creation of scalable V2X applications while preserving organizations’ and consumers’ data privacy in compliance with the EU’s Global Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, (2016) the California Privacy Rights Act, or CPRA (2020), and the White House’s Federal Zero Trust Strategy (2022).

Zero-knowledge proof of vehicle location technology has the potential to unlock a number of cutting-edge multiparty applications in the V2X ecosystem. MOBI and its members are demonstrating vinTRAK’s zero-knowledge (ZK) proof and verification capabilities in a number of ongoing and completed pilot projects.

vinTRAK provides a technology, vendor, and cloud-agnostic ecosystem of interoperable applications that allows stakeholders to securely communicate, transact, and collaborate on multiparty business processes. vinTRAK leverages W3C Verifiable Credentials (VCs) and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) standards together with cryptographic ZK proofs to ensure that vehicle Self-Sovereign Digital Twins™ (SSDTs™) can communicate and transact with the SSDTs™ of other entities in the connected ecosystem in a seamless, privacy-preserving manner.

Note: MOBI, Citopia, and the Integrated Trust Network (ITN) will not build the applications being demonstrated in these pilots; rather, the purpose of each pilot is simply to test the underlying Web3 technology for potential use cases. The use cases are selected by MOBI Working Groups members. Learn more about MOBI Working Groups

Vehicle CO2 Emissions Self-Reporting — Joint Pilot with the European Commission

advance R&D for global emissions monitoring, the European Commission​​ developed a joint pilot with MOBI to test vehicle emission self-reporting using MOBI’s Web3 infrastructure, Citopia and the ITN.

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EV Reservation, Charging, & Payment; State of Health Tracking; and Emissions Reporting

This pilot demonstrated a user journey involving EV drivers searching for charging stations along their route, making reservations, tracking charging progress, and paying via Citopia.

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Dealer Floorplan Audit — Using Citopia vinTRAK Zero Knowledge Proof of Location Verification for PII and Data Privacy

The Dealer Floorplan Audit pilot focuses on defining a blockchain-based automated process to securely verify vehicle location using self-sovereign identities and zero knowledge proofs, solving the trust and privacy problems of the floorplan audit process.

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