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Citopia MaaS/Multimodal — Transit IDEA Award

The Citopia Maas/Multimodal project is currently in progress for completion by January 2023. The project team has been working with an advisory panel as part of the Transit IDEA award program to refine the project plan and deliverables.  In addition [...]

8 February 2022|Categories: Implementation|

Citopia vinTRAK — Use Case: Dealer Floorplan Audit

The FSSC WG has completed Dealer Floorplan Audit user journeys and user stories in addition to putting the workflow into a sequence diagram. The user interface designs for the pilot are nearly finalized and being prepared for formal approval from [...]

25 January 2022|Categories: Implementation|

EC Commission Pilot with Citopia & ITN on CO2 Emissions Monitoring

Motivation Behind the Pilot With the transportation industry producing 29% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2019 alone, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the current mobility paradigm, dominated by increasingly congested roadways and inefficient, high-emission vehicles, is not sustainable. [...]

11 January 2022|Categories: Implementation|
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