Circular Economy & the Global Battery Passport (CE-GBP) Working Group

The CE-GBP Working Group aims to unite public and private sector efforts globally to spur adoption of a standardized decentralized Global Battery Passport system, set standards for interoperability, and establish a path toward a circular battery economy.

Contact Info

CE-GBP Fellow: Matt Shi

Meeting Schedule

Track 1: Mondays at 8 am PT
Track 2: Mondays at 4 pm PT

Explore the GBP

Learn more about the Global Battery Passport (GBP) here!

Meeting files will be added to the portal within 1-2 business days after the meeting has taken place.

In-progress documents live in MOBI’s Shared Drive for collaborative editing purposes.

The MOBI Battery Birth Certificate Technical Specifications standard is open for review until 1 July 2024. To submit feedback, please fill out this form.

Date PublishedDocumentVersion No. Access
May 2024MOBI Battery Birth Certificate Technical SpecificationsVersion 0.9The full standard is available at the link provided.