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If you are interested in becoming a node operator for Citopia and ITN, please reach out to MOBI Communications Manager Grace Pulliam (

 All MOBI members have the opportunity to run nodes on the member-owned and -operated Citopia and Integrated Trust Network (ITN).

  • Ease of Deploying Applications on Citopia & ITN: Node operators gain first-mover advantage in building scalable, privacy-preserving Web3 applications on top of Citopia while leveraging the ITN as a trust anchor for identity. Through active participation in the Citopia and ITN networks, organizations of all types can establish leadership in cross-industry interoperability and business automation.

  • Unlock New Streamlined Business Models: Node operators have the opportunity to accrue new net revenue through the creation of more efficient, privacy-preserving, and globally compliant business models based on distributed, trusted data — all while retaining their legacy systems.

  • Access to Cross-Industry Interoperability & Business Automation Ecosystem: Node operators gain access to an interoperable, Zero Trust ecosystem of applications for secure communication and collaboration on multiparty business processes. This offers unprecedented access to new customer bases and enables the formation of cross-industry partnerships without the need for costly one-off integrations.

  • Participate in Community Governance: The community-owned and -operated infrastructure of Citopia and the ITN helps to prevent centralized monopolies and build network resilience by ensuring that there is no single point of failure. By running nodes on Citopia and the ITN, MOBI members are empowered to play a significant role in decision-making, contributing their insights to shape the networks’ future direction.

  • Low Barrier to Entry: Operating a node is relatively inexpensive and does not require significant technical resources, meaning organizations of all sizes can easily get started deploying applications on top of Citopia. By facilitating easy entry, the Citopia and ITN networks promote inclusivity and democratize access to cutting-edge decentralized identity solutions. The elimination of complex integrations and reduced cybersecurity costs further paves the way for newcomers worldwide to engage with markets, fostering innovation and growth across industries.

CE-GBP Implementers: Complete this survey to provide your feedback on the February 2024 ITN Reset Party!