What is Citopia and How Does it Work?

Citopia is a member-owned and operated federated Web3
marketplace for connected ecosystem and IoT commerce where ecosystem stakeholders can securely transact.

Citopia facilitates the onboarding of Self-Sovereign Digital Twins™ (SSDTs™), which are used to issue Verifiable Credentials (VCs) for automating multiparty transactions in the Web3 economy.

The underlying technology behind Citopia is based on standards developed by MOBI and others such as W3C, ISO, SAE, and IEEE.

Entities can use the following steps to transact securely on Citopia:

  1. When an entity issues a VC, they attach their Decentralized Identifier/DID (digital signature) to that credential for future verification.
  2. An entity can create as many different DIDs as they wish. Using separate DIDs for different digital relationships and contexts prevents data correlation.
  3. The DIDs are registered on a decentralized network such as the Integrated Trust Network (ITN). DIDs do not contain/store any personally (or organizational) identifiable information (PII).

What is a Citopia Self-Sovereign
Digital Twin™ (SSDT™)?

A digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process.

A Self-Sovereign Digital Twin™ (SSDT™) is a digital twin which leverages W3C’s standardized Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) framework to allow the controller/owner of the SSDT™ to securely and autonomously meet, message, and transact with other SSDTs™ in the Citopia marketplace, giving consumers direct/disintermediated access to a wide variety of on-demand mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) applications and enabling secure communications and interoperability.

Citopia Marketplace

Citopia vinTRAK

Citopia vinTRAK enables privacy-preserving and secure vehicle track-and-trace applications, including:

Citopia MaaS

Citopia MaaS offers a secure, easy-to-navigate federated marketplace where users can plan, reserve, and pay for multimodal trips all in one place. Users select their trip preferences to choose from different providers and travel routes that best suit their needs while retaining full control over who sees their data and how that data is used.

Read about our Transit IDEA award for MaaS/Multimodal here.

Citopia partsTRAK

Citopia partsTRAK enables trusted

multiparty track-and-trace for assets in the mobility value chain.
partsTRAK applications include:

Why Citopia?

Citopia enables trusted multiparty track-and-trace applications, accelerates business automation across countless global value chains, and unlocks marginal cost pricing for a number of Mobility-as-a-Service transactions.

Citopia leverages a combination of MOBI and industry standards to ensure that all transactions executed on the Citopia marketplace are privacy-preserving and secure.

Control Your Data

Citopia leverages Zero-Knowledge Proofs and other advanced cryptographic methods to enable data privacy and allow users to selectively choose who sees their data, how much data is shared, and how that data is used.

Own Your Identity

Citopia allows entities to onboard, manage, and verify their own trusted identities, reducing the reliance on centralized authorities and disintermediating third-party trust services.

Reduce Emissions

Citopia supports circular economy and sustainable global value chains through the creation of trusted multiparty track-and-trace applications along with incentives and rewards programs.

Move Seamlessly

Citopia connects users with a diverse network of providers to execute decentralized, pay-as-you-go transactions all in one place.

Explore: Pilots Using Citopia and the ITN

Together, Citopia and the ITN form our federated Web3 infrastructure for trusted identity, location, and business automation. We’re demonstrating Citopia and the ITN in a number of pilot projects alongside our global community of members and node operators.

Dealer Floorplan
Citopia MaaS 
Transit IDEA
Battery Track and Trace

Emission Reporting

Citopia for EVs

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History and Motivation Behind Citopia

In 2016 and 2017, blockchain saw a steep incline in mainstream acceptance and captured the attention of forward-thinking organizations around the globe, many of whom eagerly began experimenting with blockchain PoCs. All found that while putting a vehicle, data, or service onto a chain was easy, their PoCs never achieved enterprise-scale adoption.

The reason for the lack of scalability is obvious in hindsight:

  • First, the industry lacked standards on trusted identity for vehicles, people, things, trips; and how to share data and to settle transactions
  • Second, companies were using Web3 technology but still building Web2 centralized platforms and were not able to convince others to onboard onto their platforms

Blockchain is an inherently collaborative technology designed for multiparty networks, yet organizations were conducting PoCs largely within their own firewalls. The solution was clear: organizations would need to work together to co-develop standards and create a shared protocol-agnostic Web3 infrastructure on which to build and scale their applications.

These organizations would become the founding members of MOBI. In 2018-2019, ideation and development began for Citopia, a member-owned and operated Web3 marketplace for business automation using Self-Sovereign Digital Twins™.

Citopia is a key component of MOBI’s Web3 Technology Stack, which also includes the MOBI consortium and the Integrated Trust Network (ITN).

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