Vehicle Identity (VID)

The VID WGs aim to define a vehicle’s Self-Sovereign Digital Twin, providing the necessary bridge to the physical asset that allows vehicle owners and users to manage access control, confirm ownership history, log key life events, and interact with the vehicle in the connected mobility ecosystem. MOBI VID is currently being leveraged in Citopia pilots as part of the DRIVES Program.

VID Contributors: Groupe Renault, Ford, Accenture, AIOI Insurance, AWS, Autodata Group, Bosch, BMW, Car IQ, Car Vertical, Cerebri AI, CEVT, Cognizant, ConsenSys, CPChain, DENSO, DMX, DLT Labs, GM, Hitachi America Ltd., Honda, Hyperledger, IBM, IOTA, KAR Auction Services, Luxoft, MintBit, Nara Institute, Netsol Tech, Oaken Innovations, On The Road Lending, Ownum, Quantstamp, Reply, Trusted IoT Alliance, USAA, and Xapix.

VID Working Group
UBI Working Group

Mobility & Insurance (MI)

The MI Working Group I defined a framework with appropriate identity, data, and permissioning proceeds to enable secure data sharing and consumption for marginal cost pricing of usage-based mobility services, including insurance. MI Working Group II is launching in Q1 2023 to expand and build on the work done by the first iteration of the working group. Contact Griffin Haskins for more about MI

MI Contributors: AAIS, Accenture, Achmea, Arxum, AIOI USA, Anritsu, ASJade Tech, Aucnet, AWS, Blockedge, BMW, Cara7, CarIQ. Cerebri AI, CEVT, Cognizant, ConsenSys, DENSO, Deon Digital, DMX, Ford, GM, Henshin Group, Hitachi, Honda, IBM, IoTeX, ITI, ITOCHU, Kaula Lab, Luxoft, Mazda, Netsol Tech, Nissan, Nucypher, Ocean Protocol, Orico, On the Road Lending, ParkMyFleet, peaq, Quantstamp, R3, Groupe Renault, Reply, RouteOne, R3, Stellantis, State Farm, Streamr, Swiss Re, Toyota Industries Corporation, TQ Tezos, USAA, USC, Vitesco. Volkswagen, and ZF.

Electric Vehicle Grid Integration (EVGI)

The EVGI Working Group I defined the interoperable systems necessary for public and private stakeholders to better manage the grid load, calculate carbon offsets, and generate carbon credits, facilitating the implementation of P2P services. EVGI Working Group II launched in Q3 2022 to reevaluate initial EVGI standards and work on pilots, including Vehicle-to-Building communication for charging and storage. Contact Matt Shi for more about EVGI

EVGI Contributors: Honda, GM, Accenture, Anritsu, ASJade, AWS, Cognizant, CPChain, DENSO, DOVU, Ford, Henshin Group, Hitachi, Honda, IBM, IOTA, ITOCHU, KAR Auction Services, KoinEarth, peaq, PG&E, Politecnico di Torino, ParkMyFleet, R3, Spherity, Stellantis, Swedish Blockchain Association, and Vitesco.

EVGI working group
CMDM Working Group

Connected Mobility Data Marketplace (CMDM)

The CMDM Working Group aimed to enable the creation of a privacy-preserving mobility data marketplace by defining core services, logical schemas, and sensor identity/ownership certificates for V2X data exchange, geo-location cross-validation, multimodal trip planning, and autonomous vehicle coordination.

CMDM Contributors: GM, DENSO, Accenture, AMO Labs, CEVT, Cognizant, Constellation Labs, Continental, CPChain, DENSO, DMX, Fifth-9, Filament, Ford, IBM, NuCypher, Ocean Protocol, Reply, RouteOne, ShareRing, Swedish Blockchain Association, and Toyota Insurance Management Solution (TIMS).

Finance, Securitization, & Smart Contracts (FSSC)

The FSSC Working Group aims to make the vehicle finance process easier and more transparent for lenders, manufacturers, dealers, and consumers by exploring the use of blockchain and secure decentralized databases in the vehicle finance lifecycle. FSSC is spearheading pilots focused on dealer floorplan auditing (zero-knowledge proof of location verification) and registration & titling. Contact Griffin Haskins for more about FSSC

FSSC Contributors: Accenture, Altaventure, Amazon Web Services, BMW Bank, CEVT, Connections Insights, CO-OP Financial Services, ConsenSys, D.E. Consulting, DENSO, DMI, Ford Credit, Global Debt Registry, GM Financial, Honda, IOTA, Itochu, National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA), Nissan Motor Acceptance Company, On the Road Lending, Orrick, Quant Network, Quantstamp, Reply, RouteOne, Southeast Toyota Finance, Spring Free EV, Stellantis Financial Services, Tezos Foundation, Toyota Industries Corporation, and USAA.

FSSC Working Group
SC Working Group

Supply Chain (SC)

The SC Working Group I aimed to improve the manufacturing process and move parts around the world efficiently and transparently using blockchain and DLT. SC Working Group II is working on standards and pilots for battery supply chain traceability, sustainability requirements, and EU battery passport mandate compliance. Contact Matt Shi for more about SC

SC Contributors: BMW, Ford, Accenture, AIOI, Anritsu, Arxum, ASJade Tech, Aucnet, AutoData Group, AWS, Blockedge, BMW, CEVT, Dana, DENSO, DLT Labs, DMX, Fifth-9, Hitachi, Honda, IBM, IOTA, ITOCHU, Marelli, Mazda, Nara Institute, Politecnico Di Torino, ParkyMyFleet, Quantstamp, R3, Reply, Stellantis, Southeast Toyota Finance, SyncFab, State Farm, Thirdware, TICO, and Vinturas.

DRIVES Program

The DRIVES Program is developing standards and evaluating the benefits, costs, and feasibility of multiparty applications relating to vehicle identity (VID). The DRIVES Program works on use cases such as BIN, SOH, and Maintenance & Repair. The first pilot developed in the DRIVES Program was the Citopia for EV pilot in 2021. The working group is currently working on a Maintenance & Repair Sub-Wallet pilot and conducting battery SOH state-of-the-art research. Contact Betul Kahya for more about DRIVES

DRIVES Contributors: AAIS, Accenture, Anritsu, ASJade Tech, Arxum, Aucnet, AWS, Blockedge, BMW, Cara7, CarIQ, CEVT, DENSO, Ford, GM, Henshin Group, Hitachi, Honda, IoTeX, ITI, ITOCHU, Kaula Lab, Mazda, Nissan, NuCypher, ParkMyFleet, peaq, Orico, R3, Reply, State Farm, Stellantis, Toyota Industries Corporation, Traent, USAA, and Vitesco.

MOBI Technology Stack (MTS)

All MOBI members come together for MTS meetings to discuss overall progress and strategies for MOBI’s initiatives (working groups, standards, pilots, Citopia, and the Integrated Trust Network). Contact Betul Kahya for more about MTS

Integrated Trust Network (ITN)

MOBI, MEF, AAIS and their members are co-creating the member-owned and operated ITN, a W3C standards-based, industry-focused, protocol-agnostic digital infrastructure that provides the core trust services of governance, authority, identity, and assurance. Designed to easily integrate with existing systems across all industries, the ITN is a digital identity registry to enable trusted data sharing and business automation. Learn more about the ITN here.

MOBI Steering Committee

The MOBI Steering Committee drives strategic operations and decision-making within the consortium. Steering Committee members meet once every quarter to evaluate the direction and performance of MOBI initiatives, plan for the future, and more.