Vehicle Identity (VID)

The VID working group aims to define a digital document that is a verifiable link to a specific vehicle, a minimum representation of that vehicle’s digital twin. VID can be used to establish existence, manage access control, confirm ownership history, and contains key events in the life of a vehicle. Contact VID Working Group

VID I was chaired by Groupe Renault and Ford, with support from Accenture, AIOI Insurance, BMW, Car Vertical, Cerebri AI, Cognizant, ConsenSys, CPChain, Dealer Market Exchange, DLT Labs, GM, Honda, Hyperledger, IBM, IOTA, Kar Auction Services, Luxoft, MintBit, Netsol Tech, Oaken Innovations, On The Road Lending, Quantstamp, Trusted IoT Alliance, and Xapix. VID II is chaired by BMW and Ford, with support from Accenture, AutoData Group, Bosch, Car IQ, DMX, Honda, IBM, Luxoft, Quantstamp, and Ownum.

VID working group


Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

The UBI working group aims to define the general framework that would allow people to plug-and-play a myriad of UBI data sources, identities, and applications. The first standard is set to define the system design, the multi-party processes, and the data structures with appropriate identity, data, and permissioning proceeds to enable the access, sharing and consumption of all data, real time or static, generated within the mobility ecosystem to price risk and create usage based insurance products. Contact UBI Working Group

UBI is chaired by Achmea and AIOI USA, with support from Accenture, Cerebri AI, Cognizant, ConsenSys, DENSO, Deon Digital, DMX, Ford, GM, Honda, IBM, Luxoft, Netsol Technologies, Ocean Protocol, On the Road Lending, R3, Renault, Reply, Route One, Steamr, Swiss Re, TQ Tezos, USAA, Quantstamp, USC, Volkswagen, and ZF.

Electric Vehicle Grid Integration (EVGI)

The EVGI working group aims to aid the increasing adoption of electric vehicles by creating interoperable systems for governments, utilities, and the mobility industry alike. These systems will enable a better way to manage the grid load, calculate carbon offsets and generate carbon credits, implementation of peer to peer services. The first standard defines the system and data requirements for three core use case areas – Vehicle to Grid (V2G), Peer to Peer (P2P), and Tokenized Carbon Credits (TCC) applications. Contact EVGI Working Group

EVGI is chaired by Honda and General Motors (GM) with support from Accenture, CPChain, IBM, the IOTA Foundation, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Politecnico di Torino, and R3.

EVGI working group

CMDM Working Group

Connected Mobility Data Marketplace (CMDM)

The CMDM working group (WG) aims to enable a blockchain based permissioned-data marketplace for all stakeholders of the mobility ecosystem, including vehicle manufacturers, insurance providers, and others to effectively share and exchange data. The CMDM standards provide a foundation for applications to be built for a multitude of use, including but not limited to, V2X data exchange and sharing/monetizing mobility data for better driving algorithms through machine learning. Contact CMDM Working Group

CMDM is chaired by General Motors and DENSO, with support from Accenture, Constellation Labs, Dealer Market Exchange, Ford, IBM, Nucypher, Ocean Protocol, and the Swedish Blockchain Association.

Finance, Securitization, and Smart Contracts (FSSC)

The FSSC working group assesses the potential value proposition of blockchain and work on interoperability standards that stakeholders of the mobility finance ecosystem, including Original Equipment Manufacturers, auto financiers, dealerships, and other stakeholders can implement to enable use cases such as credit on the blockchain, securitization, tokenization of mobility assets, fractional ownership of mobility assets and other. Contact FSSC Working Group

FSSC is chaired by Orrick and Route One with the support from Accenture, Altaventure, BMW, Connection Insights, ConsenSys, Ford, IOTA, On the Road Lending, Quant Network, Quantstamp, Reply, Route One, Tezos Foundation, and USAA.

FSSC Working Group

SC Working Group

Supply Chain (SC)

The SC working group assesses the value proposition of blockchain for automotive supply chain management for stakeholders of the procurement, logistics and finance or accounting divisions, including Original Equipment Manufacturers, N-tier suppliers and further business partners. The group aims to create interoperability standards to bring operational efficiencies, increased visibility through the N-tiers, enable provenance, tracking and authenticity of parts, components and auditability and settlement through Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)-based systems. Contact SC Working Group

SC is chaired by BMW and Ford with the support from Accenture, Denso, DLT Labs, Fifth-9, Honda, IBM, IOTA, Politecnico di Torino, Quantstamp, R3, Syncfab, Thirdware.