As a nonprofit, technology-agnostic global consortium, MOBI is all about doing things together that no one organization can do alone. We believe digital transformation is only possible through the creation of an open and inclusive Web3 infrastructure.

That’s why we offer a collaborative working environment for innovations in connected ecosystems and IoT commerce. Organizations of all sizes, industries, and locations are joining MOBI to share expertise; define industry standards; and build the first member-owned and -operated enterprise Web3 infrastructure composed of federated networks.

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Why Join MOBI?

MOBI membership opens the door to countless opportunities only made possible through cross-industry collaboration.

Join our community to work with global experts in shaping the future of interoperability, accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge tech, and defining a new era of digital trust. Learn more below.

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MOBI Membership Benefits

  • Comprehensive Access: MOBI members enjoy unrestricted access to all MOBI Standards and data schemas.

  • Recognition and Contribution: As contributors to our Standards, MOBI members have the opportunity to be acknowledged by having their names and company affiliations mentioned in the standards themselves and on the official MOBI website.

  • Development and Implementation Support: MOBI’s full-time staff provides dedicated assistance for Citopia and the Integrated Trust Network (ITN) development and implementation, ensuring that members have the necessary guidance and resources.
  • Early Adoption of Emerging Technologies: MOBI members get early access to and influence over the development of standards that facilitate the adoption of emerging technologies. By actively shaping the standards for emerging technologies, MOBI members can drive innovation, gain a competitive edge, and establish themselves as leaders in cutting-edge technology domains.

  • Dedicated Staff Support: MOBI members benefit from access to our full-time staff, who are committed to providing comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout their membership journey.

  • Shared R&D Costs: MOBI provides a collaborative research and development ecosystem for pilot projects centered on Web3 technologies. This enables members to leverage shared R&D resources, effectively managing costs and fostering innovation.

MOBI encourages employees and staff from all member companies to make the most of our extensive knowledge base by participating in multiple Working Groups.

  • Active Working Group Involvement: MOBI members have the privilege of actively participating in all Working Groups, ensuring their voices and expertise contribute to shaping industry standards.

  • Ecosystem Interoperability Pilots: MOBI members work together to ideate and build ecosystem interoperability pilots, fostering real-world collaboration and innovation within the industry.

  • Networking and Idea Exchange: Participating in MOBI’s expanded network of industry professionals, experts, and thought leaders provides invaluable opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and access to new markets, ultimately driving business growth and fostering new business relationships.

  • Voting Rights for Working Groups: MOBI members have the power to vote on the creation of new Working Groups, ensuring their interests and priorities are represented in shaping future initiatives.

  • Influence on Use Cases: MOBI members possess voting rights on use case selection within Working Groups, allowing them to have a direct say in the focus areas of our organization.

 All MOBI members have the opportunity to run nodes on the member-owned and -operated Citopia and Integrated Trust Network (ITN).

  • Ease of Deploying Applications on Citopia & ITN: Node operators gain first-mover advantage in building scalable, privacy-preserving Web3 applications on top of Citopia while leveraging the ITN as a trust anchor for identity. Through active participation in the Citopia and ITN networks, organizations of all types can establish leadership in cross-industry interoperability and business automation.

  • Unlock New Streamlined Business Models: Node operators have the opportunity to accrue new net revenue through the creation of more efficient, privacy-preserving, and globally compliant business models based on distributed, trusted data — all while retaining their legacy systems.

  • Access to Cross-Industry Interoperability & Business Automation Ecosystem: Node operators gain access to an interoperable, Zero Trust ecosystem of applications for secure communication and collaboration on multiparty business processes. This offers unprecedented access to new customer bases and enables the formation of cross-industry partnerships without the need for costly one-off integrations.

  • Participate in Community Governance: The community-owned and -operated infrastructure of Citopia and the ITN helps to prevent centralized monopolies and build network resilience by ensuring that there is no single point of failure. By running nodes on Citopia and the ITN, MOBI members are empowered to play a significant role in decision-making, contributing their insights to shape the networks’ future direction.

  • Low Barrier to Entry: Operating a node is relatively inexpensive and does not require significant technical resources, meaning organizations of all sizes can easily get started deploying applications on top of Citopia. By facilitating easy entry, the Citopia and ITN networks promote inclusivity and democratize access to cutting-edge decentralized identity solutions. The elimination of complex integrations and reduced cybersecurity costs further paves the way for newcomers worldwide to engage with markets, fostering innovation and growth across industries.

  • Web3 Courses and Workshops: MOBI members gain access to cutting-edge Web3 Courses and Workshops, accompanied by comprehensive learning support, to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field.

  • Webinar Series Participation: MOBI members can participate and present in the MOBI Webinar Series to showcase their company’s solutions to fellow MOBI members and industry peers.

Why Join MOBI?

MOBI membership opens the door to countless opportunities only made possible through cross-industry collaboration.

Join our community to work with global experts in shaping the future of interoperability, accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge tech, and defining a new era of digital trust. Learn more below.

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