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MOBI creates standards and builds the Web3 infrastructure for connected ecosystems and IoT commerce.
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What We Do

MOBI is a global nonprofit smart mobility consortium. We are creating standards for trusted decentralized identities (e.g. vehicles, people, businesses), data interoperability, business automation, and MOBI Trusted Trip.

MOBI and members are building the Web3 digital infrastructure for connected ecosystems and IoT commerce. Our goal is to make transportation more efficient, equitable, decentralized, and sustainable while preserving data privacy for users and providers alike. Learn more

NEW MOBI Working Groups (WG)

DENSO, Honda, Nissan to Lead Circular Economy & Global Battery Passport WG

The Working Group unites efforts to drive solutions for comprehensive circularity in global supply chains.

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Integrated Trust Network (ITN)

Ensuring Traceability & Accountability in the Era of AI

The latest blog from the ITN team highlights the importance of traceability in the age of Gen AI, explores solutions posed by decentralized identity, and presents a path to adoption.

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MOBI Standards

Decentralized Global Battery Passport Implementation

Produced the MOBI Battery Initiative, this standard provides recommendations for implementing a decentralized, cross-border compliant Global Battery Passport system.

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The CE-GBP Working Group unites worldwide efforts to spur adoption of a decentralized Global Battery Passport system, set standards for interoperability, and establish a path toward a circular battery economy. Get involved


Organizations of all types are invited to share their unique insights and solutions for the connected mobility ecosystem! Interested in joining the lineup? Learn more about getting involved and view past webinars here

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As MOBI members, public and private organizations worldwide collaborate to develop key standards and build the Web3 Infrastructure for cross-industry interoperability and business automation. Learn how your organization can get involved

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