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MOBI creates standards and builds the digital infrastructure for connected vehicles and IoT commerce.
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Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) is a global nonprofit smart mobility consortium. MOBI and its members are creating blockchain-based standards to identify vehicles, people, businesses, and MOBI Trusted Trip, with the goal of making transportation more efficient, equitable, decentralized, and sustainable. Preserving data privacy is integral to the MOBI mission, its Trusted Trip initiative, and New Economy of Movement.


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MOBI offers learning opportunities for industry professionals to discover new technologies, solutions, and research conducted by organizations from all over the world. Subscribe to our Bulletin to stay updated on all things MOBI, mobility, and blockchain.

         Click to view Christian Koebel's 2019 MoCo lecture on Applications for Decentralized Electrified Mobility & Energy Management.         Stay tuned for the upcoming Industrial IoT Spotlight podcast episode featuring MOBI Co-director and Founder Tram Vo and Working Groups Lead Rajat Rajbhandari.

MOBI Community Innovation Lectures

Our lecture series offers a virtual platform for all of our members – from dynamic startups to pioneering global corporations and forward-thinking government agencies – to share their unique insights and solutions for the connected mobility ecosystem, including topics in blockchain/DLT, electrification and autonomous vehicles, sustainable solutions, and more. Contact Grace Pulliam (grace@dlt.mobi) to learn how you and/or your company can be a part of the Community Innovation Lecture Series.

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