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MOBI creates standards and builds the Web3 infrastructure for connected ecosystems and IoT commerce.
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What We Do

MOBI is a global nonprofit Web3 consortium. We are creating standards for trusted self-sovereign data and identities (e.g. vehicles, people, businesses, things), verifiable credentials, and cross-industry interoperability.

MOBI and our members are building the Web3 infrastructure for connected ecosystems and IoT commerce. Our goal is to make the digital economy more efficient, equitable, decentralized, and circular while preserving data privacy for users and providers alike. Get Involved

MOBI Standards

MOBI VID I Tech Specs

The MOBI Vehicle Identity (VID) I Tech Specs define implementation requirements for the first-ever globally unique digital vehicle identity.

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MOBI Standards

MOBI BBC Tech Specs

The MOBI Battery Birth Certificate (BBC) Tech Specs define attribute requirements for the creation of secure, compliant, Web3-enabled BBCs.

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MOBI News — July 2024

MOBI members have completed Stage 1 of a 3-year initiative to build the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for a Web3 GBP. Read the press release to learn more!

MOBI News — April 2024

MOBI and Gaia-X 4 moveID proudly announce a joint initiative to advance technical interoperability by implementing MOBl Vehicle Identity and Battery Birth Certificate standards. Learn more

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