MOBI Colloquiums and Exhibitions aim to promote and advance standards and accelerate the adoption of blockchain to make human mobility safer and greener while improving quality of life. MoCos explore the convergence of AI, IoT, Blockchain, Mobility, and Smart Cities to build the minimum viable ecosystem for transportation by fostering creative and professional growth alike.  Our colloquiums are the premier destinations for discovery. We provide opportunities for global professionals at every level to participate, learn, and network, featuring a variety of topics that allow attendees to explore what’s next in the worlds of mobility and blockchain technology, and how they intersect with smart city initiatives.  MoCos prove that the most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together.

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MOBI Community Innovation Lecture Series

Our lecture series is a platform for members to share their innovative research and solutions for the transportation ecosystem. Past topics include data monetization, autonomous vehicles, and supply chain management, among many others. The lectures are free and open to the public. Recordings are available on our website after the event takes place.

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MOBI Bulletins

Published weekly, our Bulletin is a convenient resource for MOBI updates — ranging from our blockchain-based standards to our virtual lecture series — as well as a constant feed for global mobility news. Sign up for your subscription here.

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The Dashboard features bi-monthly posts on current trends in smart cities and smart mobility, team and member profiles, and exciting community insights.

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Policy Reviews

MOBI policy reviews break down the latest global policies on topics like smart mobility, blockchain/IoT, vehicle electrification, and more.

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Selected Readings

Selected Readings feature the latest smart mobility news from our MOBI Weekly Bulletin. Topics include Smart Cities; Mobility and Innovation; and Blockchain, DLT, and Related Technologies.

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Our growing collection of podcasts explore mobility through the perspective of technologists, MOBI Working Group Chairs, and enthusiasts alike. Our page highlights podcast episodes hosted by MOBI, as well as invitations from other shows.

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