What is the Integrated Trust Network?

In the New Economy of Movement, Federated Networks are a necessity to manage trusted identities, share data, and automate transactions. To this end, MOBI launched mobiNET, a scalable, protocol-agnostic digital infrastructure to provide trusted identity services. To further expand the network, in partnership with MEF (and many consortia to come!), mobiNET is evolving into the Integrated Trust Network (ITN). mobiNET/ITN is a member-owned and operated protocol-agnostic digital infrastructure that provides the core trust services of governance, authority, identity, and assurance.  

All Web3 applications wishing to utilize the ITN Core Services must implement ITN Digital Twins. An ITN Digital Twin is a connected entity’s passport to the New Economy of Movement. It defines the entity’s capabilities on the ITN and serves as translator and integrator between entities using ITN. 

What is ITN Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a “virtual representation of an object or system,” including any data collected on the object or system’s changing material conditions. Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) are needed for digital twins to be trusted in Web3 commerce. In the New Economy of Movement, we define ITN digital twins in three fundamental ways:  

  • A universal translator, allowing connected entities to communicate and transact using a shared technical language
  • An encrypted locked data vault that no individual or organization has access to other than the owner/controller
  • A necessary gateway to Web3/metaverse and IoT commerce in the New Economy of Movement



Why ITN?

Investors estimate that the Web3/metaverse economy could be worth trillions. With Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook embracing Web3 and the metaverse, the technology is quickly becoming a mainstream reality. Anticipating this paradigm shift, the MOBI community released our first standard in 2019, MOBI VID, which defined a vehicle’s digital twin based on the internationally accepted vehicle identification number (VIN) and W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) Standard. Since then, we’ve been building a Web3 trusted federation to promote the formation of a more equitable, privacy-preserving ecosystem — and, for organizations large and small, there’s never been a better time to join. 

  • MOBI and MEF are collaborating on the ITN, making members perfectly positioned to take advantage of the untapped Web3 economy
  • Collaborate to earn your spot as an early adopter and expert in digital commerce
  • Automate value streams outside of corporate walls
  • Explore new business opportunities that are only possible through digital twins
  • Ecosystem early adopters gain competitive advantage 

At its core, ITN is about joint value creation. It is designed to easily integrate with existing systems across all industries. The ITN vision is to become the trust infrastructure of choice for businesses and industry consortia seeking to create new revenue streams and reduce operational costs. Organizations and consortia are invited to join the member-owned and operated ITN to provide a new trust infrastructure for the Internet and create new business models. To learn more about ITN, watch the ITN panel below. 

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