People Behind MOBI: Nick Sokol

1. Tell me about yourself! What’s your background like? NS: My background is very interdisciplinary. In college, I was a History/Geography dual major with minors in Computer Science, Meteorology, and Geographic Information Systems. I decided to pursue Atmospheric Science [...]

19 May 2022|Categories: Blog, Education, Profiles|

MOBI Battery Initiative: Now and Future

By: Rajat Rajbhandari Batteries have become a ubiquitous part of modern life. Increasing demand for batteries in consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and supporting the grid has accelerated the global market. A recent study by Global Industry Analysts Inc. puts the [...]

5 May 2022|Categories: Blog, Education|

People Behind MOBI: Parth Bhatt

By Parth Bhatt and Grace Pulliam 1. Tell me about yourself! What’s your background like? I come from a computer science background. I studied Global Business and Blockchain Technology at the University of the Cumberlands for my second Masters [...]

28 April 2022|Categories: Blog, Education, Profiles|

MOBI and the Connected Vehicle

Connected vehicles and V2X  Modern vehicles are equipped with an array of sensors capable of producing vast amounts of data about the vehicle’s condition, location, and more. These connected vehicles are increasingly able to share this data through what [...]

15 April 2022|Categories: Blog, Education|

Data Sharing Using the Latest Web3 Technologies

By Bruce Pon, Founder, Ocean Protocol Data is an untapped asset waiting to be unlocked. Through a combination of new technology, mindset changes, and new business processes, this is now possible. The decentralised space is moving very fast and accruing [...]

10 March 2022|Categories: Blog, Education|
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