People Behind MOBI: Andreas Freund

1. Tell me about yourself! What’s your background like? AF: I am the CTO of MOBI, known in the Blockchain ecosystem as the Blockchain Swiss Army Knife, with a PhD in Theoretical Physics and nearly [...]

21 July 2022|Categories: Blog, Education, Profiles|

Why is Trusted Identity Important in IoT Commerce?

In recent years, global commerce has been undergoing a paradigm shift characterized by increasing digitization and the rapid evolution of value chains enabled by connected things. The “Internet of Things,” or IoT, describes the growing decentralized network of connected [...]

6 July 2022|Categories: Blog, Education|

Electric Vehicle Grid Integration

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is growing at an extraordinary rate and with that growth brings a variety of opportunities for energy storage, transfer, and market activities. Today’s EV batteries are capable of storing between 30 to 200 kWh. For the [...]

2 June 2022|Categories: Blog, Education|
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