Traent Hybrid Blockchain

A Solution to Bring Real-Time and Data-Intensive Applications on Blockchain, Battery (Passport) Included!

Fabio Severino

CTO & Co-Founder, Traent

This Dashboard post is a guest contribution from the Traent team. For more
information about these topics, watch the webinar recording from 31 May 2023.

At Traent, we develop hybrid blockchain technologies to bring real-time and data-intensive applications on blockchain while preserving the confidentiality and auditability of data. Traent has developed a Web3 ecosystem for sustainable and transparent enterprises, that offers an end-to-end solution to easily store, process, and share data visually on blockchain.

The research conducted by Traent has focused on overcoming the challenges and limitations that prevented the widespread adoption of blockchain technology by enterprises. Traent’s research efforts have yielded significant innovations, leading to the filing of eight patent applications as of March through May 2022 (currently pending). In this post, we will explore how Traent technology can enable the implementation of a complete Blockchain Product Passport of a vehicle and its battery.

Hybrid blockchains

Before discussing the Blockchain Product Passports, it’s important to gain a better understanding of the key components of Traent’s ecosystem and the main difference with more traditional approaches:

  • A Hybrid Blockchain Infrastructure, able to create and manage billions of blockchains. This ensures scalability and enables us to handle billions of interactions securely and efficiently.
  • Traent Era, a collaboration platform on blockchain, suitable for real-time and data-intensive interactions. Our platform facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among users, allowing them to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology in their daily activities.
  • Our Portable Ledgers offer advanced flexibility for segregating confidential data. Thanks to our granular data disclosure feature, users have the freedom to select and share information from their blockchains, without compromising the auditability. After selecting the data, the user is able to share the ledger in different ways, through a dedicated App, or even with instant messaging services like WhatsApp.
  • Traent Viewer, a web app that allows the visualization of selected verifiable data, making blockchain content easily accessible to any audience, from auditors to end consumers.

Blockchain Product Passport in the Automotive Industry

The European Union is currently moving forward with the implementation of Digital Product Passports as part of the Sustainable Product Regulation proposal, which was adopted by the European Commission in March 2022.

Under this regulation, companies selling products in the EU market will be obligated to provide a digital product passport for both the product itself and its individual components. This requirement aims to enhance transparency and sustainability throughout products’ lifecycles.

The Blockchain Vehicle Passport changes completely the way information related to ownership, car maintenance, and components is managed and accessed. The Traent Viewer allows users to effortlessly view and interact with the digital passport, providing a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle’s usage and specifications. This enhanced visibility empowers customers with trustworthy information about the vehicle’s history, enabling informed decision-making and promoting the resale value of the vehicle.

You can access a live demo of our product passport by scanning the QR code or visiting with your phone.

The Battery Passport showcases a seamless integration between real-time data from IoT devices and interactive applications stored on the portable blockchain. The sensors periodically transmit data related to the battery’s performance and condition, facilitating proactive maintenance planning and giving a new meaning to what we know today as battery end-of-life. Now, the used battery can be securely sold and reused in a different environment, where it can be utilized to its fullest.

To offer a more practical understanding of the entire process, we prepared a video demo that showcases how data is collected from the car, stored on blockchain, and then visualized by the end user in the Vehicle Passport.

In a real-world scenario, data is directly ingested using Era APIs. However, for the purpose of this demo, we are leveraging the Traent Era user interface and its features to better explain some key concepts.

As shown in the audit log, car data is integrated using Traent Streams. This feature allows for real-time continuous ingestion of data, stored on blockchain every 50-100 milliseconds. When considering the battery passport, we have the option to reduce the data rate in order to conserve storage space. However, in situations such as car telemetry, it becomes crucial to maintain higher data rates. Therefore, we empower customers to make informed decisions by providing sensible defaults that suit their specific needs.

Because all data is stored on a portable ledger, a car owner can decide to share with a buyer information about the number of recharging sessions while excluding sensitive data like the location of the charging stations used. During the sale of the car, the product passport can be shared and ownership transferred through a simple app.

Lastly, data from the portable ledger is shown in a tailor-made, interactive application based on the Traent Viewer technology. This provides a gateway to an array of functionalities: from live insights into the battery’s usage history and health to quick access to car functionalities.

The most attentive readers will have noticed that during the video data was selected from two blockchains. One blockchain concerns engine data and the other blockchain concerns battery data. This technique enables us to add blockchain to the product passport, allowing us to add data and services to the passport and making the solution scalable and future-proof.

Traent and MOBI

At the beginning of 2023, we proudly joined MOBI, a prestigious community that shares our core values of sustainability, data verifiability, and privacy. We are honored and excited to work with some of the most renowned and well-respected companies in the automotive sector.

Being a part of MOBI allows us to actively contribute to the establishment of industry standards and the development of a robust Web3 digital infrastructure.

We appreciate the hands-on and pragmatic approach of MOBI’s members and hope with this article that we have contributed to making blockchain mobility closer to the user and easier to implement.


Traent hybrid blockchain solution can offer a wide array of benefits to the automotive industry. We’ve shown how we create a complete battery and vehicle passport using Traent Hybrid Blockchain. Here are some important takeaways:

  • Deploying our complete blockchain solution is a streamlined process that takes less than a day. Unlike traditional implementations that may take months, our integrated approach ensures a fast turnaround time, saving you valuable resources and accelerating time-to-market.
  • Thanks to our granular data disclosure, you have the flexibility to choose which data to share and which to keep strictly confidential, without compromising the auditability of data.
  • Our apps are as easy as Web 2.0, but they are Web3. By leveraging the power of IoT and blockchain technology, in conjunction with a human-centric approach, our no-code ecosystem facilitates seamless collaboration among individuals, organizations, and connected devices.
  • Thanks to our hybrid architecture, Traent’s ecosystem enables the auditing of disclosed data even to people outside the network. Anyone with a simple web browser can verify the authenticity and integrity of information, overcoming the main limitations of private blockchains like Hyperledger.

We welcome all MOBI members to reach out and collaborate with us. Let’s work together to shape the future of product passports and drive interoperability in the automotive blockchain space. Contact us today to join forces and make a lasting impact!