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As a nonprofit, technology-agnostic global consortium, MOBI is all about doing things together that no one organization can do alone. We believe digital transformation is only possible through the creation of an open and inclusive core services infrastructure.

That’s why we offer a highly collaborative, interactive network for blockchain innovations in smart mobility and smart cities. Organizations of all sizes, industries, and locations are joining MOBI to share expertise, define industry standards, and improve the sustainability, efficiency, and accessibility of mobility services around the world.

We’re building the New Economy of Movement together.

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Accenture is a multinational professional services company that provides services [...]


Achmea Holding N.V. is one of the largest suppliers of [...]


Altaventure is an independent investment firm providing mergers & acquisitions, [...]


Anritsu was founded in 1895 ,the year in which Marconi [...]


ARXUM provides an advanced, industrial blockchain infrastructure and a versatile [...]

ASJade Technology

ASJade Technology is a data service platform provider that facilitates [...]


Aucnet Inc. (TYO: 3964) launched the world’s first remote, real-time [...]

Autodata Solutions

Autodata Solutions transforms complex data into marketing and sales solutions [...]


BiiLabs is dedicated to developing distributed ledger technologies to overcome [...]


Blockedge is a blockchain technology provider fully dedicated to accelerating enterprise [...]


bloXmove - the Mobility Blockchain Platform — is streamlining and [...]


BMW is a German multinational company which produces automobiles and [...]


The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology [...]

bottish association

bottish is an independent non-profit organization based in Switzerland and [...]


Cara7 is a fintech and blockchain startup fully dedicated to [...]


cardossier developed a decentralized blockchain-based platform that stores all relevant [...]


CarIQ is a technology company that connects cars to the [...]

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