Standards & Initiatives

Explore MOBI Standards, Working Groups, Circular Economy Initiatives, and our complete Glossary of Terms!

Explore MOBI Standards, the MOBI Battery Initiative, Glossary of Terms, and how MOBI and members are building the Web3 infrastructure for connected ecosystems and IoT commerce.

MOBI Standards

Co-developed by cross-industry technologists and business leaders, MOBI Standards provide a common framework for the adoption and scaling of interoperable DLT-based applications worldwide.  

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MOBI Working Groups

MOBI Working Groups combine global efforts to develop key standards, accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies, and collaboratively build the Web3 infrastructure for seamless cross-industry interoperability. Working Group participation is open to all MOBI members.

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Circular Economy Initiatives

Along with our members, we’re committed to driving standard-based solutions that promote efficient use, reduce waste, and foster sustainable practices across industries worldwide.

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Glossary of Terms

The MOBI Glossary of Terms is a living document that compiles and defines all terms used in MOBI Standards.

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