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MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative) has released the first Battery State of Health standard as a component of its Battery Initiative.

The standard, which defines battery state of health as the ratio of the total maximum capacity in kWh at any given time over the beginning of life or rated capacity, sets out how a tamper-proof state of health record can be recorded on the blockchain, along with other data associated to lifecycle management.

As the electric vehicle (EV) market grows, there is increasing interest in understanding the performance and degradation of batteries as the key component – and one of the most expensive – of the vehicles, with implications for both their performance and market value.

Widely held wisdom is that when batteries reach 80% performance they have reached end of life for EV use and either need to be repurposed for second life in utility or residential storage applications or recycled, with the resultant environmental considerations that arise.

According to MOBI, a non-profit industry alliance, defining, measuring and accessing battery state of health is a key step toward enhancing visibility in the battery supply chain, enabling circular business models, improving road safety and breaking down the barriers to widespread primary and secondary EV market adoption.

With the standard, MOBI aims to accelerate the use of battery health as a key parameter in various business applications and regulatory frameworks.

With the ability to access state of health data, EV owners will be enabled to easily check whether a battery needs to be recharged or replaced, eliminating range anxiety and empowering more buyers to purchase new and used EVs with confidence, the alliance states.

“This first Battery State of Health standard and the MOBI Battery Initiative will contribute to the creation of a greener, more resilient global battery value chain and accelerate our common goal for a sustainable, low carbon transportation future,” said Tram Vo, MOBI Director and Founder.

MOBI’s Battery Initiative is focused on the creation of a comprehensive framework for an industry-wide secure data management system that can be used to improve the visibility and sustainability of the global battery value chain per the requirements of the EU Battery Directive.

The standard also is anticipated as a key to the Global Battery Alliance’s battery passport, which will be used to track batteries throughout the value chain using attributes such as state of health.

The MOBI Battery State of Health standard was based on contributions from EV manufacturers Ford and General Motors as well as other parties including Accenture, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Blockedge and Hitachi America Ltd.

In addition to producing the State of Health standard, MOBI is developing a decentralised battery identity number (BIN) standard for the battery birth certificate and battery passport.

In the battery value chain, MOBI’s Integrated Trust Network can be used as the blockchain-based identity trust anchor and the Citopia decentralised marketplace enables verifiable credentials for peer-to-peer state of health data sharing.