1. Tell me about yourself! What’s your background like?

AF: I am the CTO of MOBI, known in the Blockchain ecosystem as the Blockchain Swiss Army Knife, with a PhD in Theoretical Physics and nearly 20 years of technology and business consulting expertise.

2. How did you end up joining MOBI? What can you tell
me about your role?

I introduced the concept of the ITN with its blockchain-agnostic but blockchain-based identity and data services to MOBI and helped architect and implement the ITN and the first Citopia pilots. I am currently the acting CTO and Chief Architect of MOBI.

3. How does the ITN work?

The ITN delivers federated identity and data services through a Self-Sovereign Digital Twin™ utilizing distributed system solutions such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and Orbit DB, and implements widely accepted standards by the W3C, the Decentralized Identity Foundation, and Hyperledger.

4. Why should organizations join the ITN?

The ITN is the first organization that delivers identity and data services secured by blockchain technology in a manner that allows customers to build their own secure, privacy-preserving business and data networks enabling multi-party business process automation, business discovery, and onboarding without 3rd parties.

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