This lecture took place on 15 March 2023.

While many countries are trying to meet their climate goals, and companies are embracing ESG by moving away from ICE vehicles, higher utilization of EVs has boosted the demand for charging stations. EV charging infrastructure development is making headway, CPOs, corporates and fleet operators are adding more charging ports every day, and the charger hardware itself is becoming more user-friendly and interoperable, but there are other issues that must be addressed. Among them, how to avoid stressing the power grid and reduce charger downtime are top priorities.

ASJade Technology’s smart EV charging solution tackles these problems with advanced hardware and management software, allowing EV owners to keep their vehicles charged while maintaining a stable grid, providing utilities greater flexibility during times of increased need. It can be particularly useful for companies that operate many EVs or communities that have many private EVs that need to be charged but not necessarily all at once. Future work includes vehicle-to-grid or vehicle-to-home technology that can allow certain EVs to transmit electricity back to the grid during peak hours, or to power a home during an outage. When combined with decentralized renewables-generating platforms such as roof-top solar power along with battery energy storage systems, this can make EV charging even more flexible.

Besides, as more public charge points and networks are available, the EV-drivers are left with choice paralysis when planning a long-distance trip such as driving from Nuremberg to Porto. EV drivers will need to investigate and install several parking & charging network apps that could use different payment methods. The lack of interoperability and trust among eMobility service providers and charge point operators led to fragmented charging network. One of the potential solutions to overcome this challenge is to incorporate decentralized identifier and verifiable credential service that enabled by consortia or Federated networks such as ITN (Integrated Trust Network).

About the Speakers

Richard Tai is VP Sales & Marketing of ASJade Technology Inc., a startup that focuses on smart EV charging solutions and data services. For over 20 years he has been operating industrial and mission-critical computing product business in a variety of verticals, including factory automation, automotive, healthcare, military and so on. In recent years he has been concentrating on exploring new applications and business models of IoT data platform and energy management systems.

Alex Choo is the SW Solution Director of ASJade Technology Inc. With more than 20 years’ experience in enterprise computing, consumer electronic products, and industrial embedded system development, he has delivered many innovative ODM/OEM products to leading industry players in different markets. His recent R&D activities include EV charging management, connected vehicle data application, and green energy.