CBAN successfully demonstrates first of its core services, signs memorandum of understanding with MOBI

CBAN announces new members as it progresses with technical development

Singapore, November 4, 2020 – Communications Business Automation Network (CBAN), an organisation set up by leading global ICT Service Providers to accelerate and oversee the adoption of automated settlement in the communications industry today announced that it has successfully demonstrated the first of its core services as implemented by its technology partners. CBAN core services provide the fundamental capabilities that enable interoperable automated settlement solutions for CBAN members across the range of their offerings.

The technical demonstration will be presented in detail at the CBAN Showcase, an online event for the CBAN ecosystem, on 5th November. The event will reach people over three days of both public and member only sessions that will highlight CBAN’s ambitious goals, as well as the work in progress to reach production.

CBAN also announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), a global industry consortium working to improve mobility, transit, and logistics using blockchain and related technologies. Under the MOU, both CBAN and MOBI agree to collaborate to define core services for automated business processes that will be fully interoperable between MOBI and CBAN.

CBAN also confirmed today that Global Cloud Exchange, and HGC Global Communications have joined the organisation as members. Each new member will also join the board of CBAN.

Commenting on the announcement, Louisa Gregory, CEO of CBAN said: “The demonstration of CBAN core services is a significant milestone in our journey to develop an interoperable platform for ICT Service Providers to automate settlement. Not only is it testament to the power of collaboration between our ICT Service Provider members and participating technology developers, but this milestone puts us on a pathway to being in production within 2021. Collaboration is at the heart of our mission, and that is why we believe it is critical to expand this to beyond the communications industry. The partnership with MOBI is an exciting opportunity for this by allowing ICT Service Providers and the automotive industry to work together to innovate and deliver the future of connected mobility services quicker than we can do alone.”

Tram Vo, Co-founder and COO of MOBI commented: “The future of mobility is predicated on the connectivity between vehicles, infrastructure, and mobility consumers. The ICT infrastructure and service providers enable this connectivity. MOBI and CBAN face similar challenges and opportunities in creating automated settlement solutions for connected vehicles and other connected roaming devices. Collaboration between our ecosystems is both logical and necessary to realize our vision of a New Economy of Movement, where connected vehicles, infrastructure, and users exchange data and payments seamlessly.”

Commenting on his organisation joining CBAN as a member, Jim Fagan, Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer for Global Cloud Exchange, and a member of the CBAN Board said: “GCX provides global interconnectivity solutions and services to telecom carriers, enterprise, cloud and content providers. Automation of the commercial interaction between service providers is a core building block for digital transformation. We believe CBAN is the right vehicle to coordinate development and accelerate adoption of these solutions for the benefit of all and GCX wants to play a central role in this work.”

Ravindran Mahalingam, Senior Vice President for International Business at HGC Global Communications and a member of CBAN board said: “Our business is working towards an overall uplift of service availability and speed to market capability among carriers. By collaborating across the industry and driving adoption of a consistent approach to automation for billing and settlement processes, we can achieve faster transformation that ultimately creates more value for our end-customers.”

About CBAN
Communications Business Automation Network (CBAN) is a membership organisation with a mission to unlock the value of automated connectivity through industry-wide collaboration. It was founded to accelerate the development and adoption of automated settlement solutions among the ICT Service Provider industry and its role is to coordinate the development of the architecture and services, and oversee the implementation of the technological solutions and standards that ensure the future automated ecosystem is interoperable. Its founding members include several of the largest telecommunications providers globally and its membership is open to every ICT Service Provider. Please visit for more information.

CBAN Press Contact:

Louisa Gregory, Chief Executive Officer

About MOBI
MOBI is a nonprofit alliance of many of the world’s largest automakers, along with many startups, NGOs, transit agencies, insurers, toll road providers, smart city leaders, and technology companies working to accelerate adoption and promote standards in blockchain, distributed ledgers, and related technologies.

MOBI is creating simple blockchain-based standards to identify cars, people, businesses in order to securely exchange and monetize data, and pay for mobility services, with the goal of making transportation more efficient, affordable, greener, safer, and less congested. MOBI itself is technology and ledger agnostic. For additional information about joining MOBI, please reach out to Griffin Haskins ( or visit

MOBI Media Contact:

Kelly Clark, MOBI Communications Manager | Twitter: @dltmobi