In this virtual lecture, you will learn how vehicles and telecom converge in the device ecosystem and why the MOBI partnership with CBAN is a gain for both industries.

At the Communications Business Automation Network (CBAN), Louisa Gregory is the CEO and Joe Ruffles is the CTO. CBAN is an independent body unlocking the value of automated connectivity through industry-wide collaboration in the comms space. 

Together they explain to us the common core services such as connectivity, payments, identity, navigation, and the benefits of interoperability across sectors. This industry partnership is also one of the building blocks for MOBI’s Open Mobility Project (OMN).

About Louisa & Joe

Louisa Gregory was appointed as the inaugural CEO of CBAN in April 2020. She joined CBAN having spent 4 years with Colt Technology Services as Chief of Staff, where she was responsible for driving the development and execution of strategy across the business, as well as leading the development and execution of the organisation’s inclusion and diversity strategy. A graduate of Harvard Business School, she spent six years in Singapore and prior to joining Colt, Louisa was Chief of Staff at Pacnet Global, and supported the development and execution of the data centre growth strategy across Asia, as well as M&A activity.

Joe Ruffles was appointed as the CTO of CBAN in September 2020. He has worked in most areas of OSS/BSS for both service providers and their technology suppliers for over 20 years, and he has been involved in ICT standards organizations since 1998. He has led working groups and edited standards at the TM Forum, MEF, GSMA, and CBAN as they have advanced technology in the telecommunications industry. Joe began his career at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory before becoming a developer in Silicon Valley working for diagnostic imaging, graphics, and visualization companies until telecoms took him to Europe.


The Communications Business Automation Network (CBAN) is an independent body unlocking the value of automated connectivity through industry-wide collaboration in the comms space. CBAN was founded by a group of leading telecommunications providers and is a membership organization working for the benefit of the whole ICT service provider industry.

CBAN’s sole focus is to ensure an industry-wide adoption of services that will transform the settlement of traffic among global communications providers. They intend to achieve this by facilitating the collaborative development of an automated settlement platform, which will yield operational efficiencies, accelerate product portfolio enrichment, and create new revenue streams.