DENSO, Honda, and Nissan to Co-Chair New MOBI Working Group

Circular Economy and the Global Battery Passport Working Group unites efforts to drive solutions for comprehensive circularity in global supply chains.

MOBI is proud to introduce the co-chairs of our highly anticipated Circular Economy and the Global Battery Passport (CE-GBP) Working Group (WG). The WG aims to set interoperability standards and build the foundational infrastructure for comprehensive circularity in global supply chains, with an initial focus on building a decentralized Global Battery Passport System (GBPS).

As organizations worldwide strive to meet global sustainability goals, enhance energy efficiency, and pave the way for long-term supply chain resilience, it is critical to drive the adoption of circular business practices from product sourcing to manufacturing, use, end-of-life, and beyond. This transformative shift towards end-to-end circularity represents a pivotal moment in our collective efforts to address urgent environmental and economic challenges.

Circularity in the battery industry remains a pressing concern for supply chain stakeholders as battery usage proliferates in various industries — including EV production and renewable energy storage. Emerging regulations worldwide emphasize battery traceability and highlight the need for a standardized approach to promote circularity, safety, and quality assurance throughout the battery supply chain.

Global policies regarding batteries, like the US Treasury’s Section 30D Guidance on EV Tax Credits and the EU Battery Regulation, mandate digital recordkeeping to track battery life cycles, underscoring the need for a global battery passport — a digital credential containing key information about the battery’s composition, state of health, history, and more.

Ensuring battery supply chain circularity requires a new system built on global interoperability standards — one that enables verifiable, end-to-end information traceability throughout a battery’s lifecycle and permits privacy-preserving coordination between supply chain stakeholders (public and private). MOBI and its members are developing a decentralized GBPS to facilitate seamless communication in production management, maintenance, safety, second and third-life uses, and recycling while meeting consumer demands and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Released in June 2023, MOBI’s Guideline for Implementation of a Decentralized Global Battery Passport System marked a critical milestone towards this goal. The CE-GBP Working Group is set to build on this foundation through the creation of new standards and the development of GBPS infrastructure. Members of the WG will also focus on implementation of the GBPS and defining the next steps for interoperability and industry adoption.

The CE-GBP Working Group is supported by our dedicated working group members: Anritsu, ASJade Tech, Aucnet, AWS, BMW, CEVT, Dana, DENSO, Ford, Hitachi America Ltd, Honda, HIOKI, ITOCHU, Mazda, Nissan, Orico, Politecnico di Torino, ParkyMyFleet, Quantstamp, Reply, Stellantis, SyncFab, State Farm, Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), Tradelog, Vitesco, and Vinturas.

Meet the CE-GBP Co-Chairs

Roger Berg — Vice President, DENSO North America R&D: “I embrace the prospect of collaborating once more with industry experts in crafting a universally adaptable sustainability battery passport solution for the evolving electric vehicle (EV) landscape. MOBI stands with its members at a pivotal juncture, and all of us are acutely aware of the profound significance of this work for the broader industry.”

Christian Köbel — Sr. Project Engineer, Honda R&D Europe: “Web3 principles and blockchain hold the potential to facilitate the implementation of upcoming battery regulations, such as reporting CO2 emissions embedded in a battery, or providing a battery product passport with verifiable stakeholders and data. The time is now right to evaluate this potential and exploit it further, towards future interoperable ecosystems for battery passports and data sharing.”

Yoshinori Suzue — Sr. Manager, Nissan North America Inc.: “I am honored to serve as a CE-GBP Working Group Co-chair with MOBI, which is helping to drive mobility innovation toward Circular Economy and create an automotive industry ecosystem that is more sustainable for all.”

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