OMN has a new name! OMN is being renamed to mobiNET. The program is still a member-owned cooperative to develop a collaborative infrastructure for mobility and related apps. 

The future of mobility is a multi-trillion economy in which mobiNET will offer mobility stakeholders and related businesses an open and inclusive core services infrastructure.

Designed by MOBI, mobiNET is a community built and operated business automation network. The protocol-agnostic business-to-business network enables all participating stakeholders to share, exchange, and monetize mobility and transit data. The core services available within mobiNET will allow all of the applications layered on top of it to communicate with each other.

The goal is to unlock monetization opportunities across mobility and transportation services by allowing application interoperability and multi-party data sharing. Consider it a “Point of Sale” network for the machine economy. Currently, the number of transactions or paired transactions for digital services are in the low billions. Edge transactions between any two IoT devices will reach the hundreds of billions in the next few years.

Compared to other platforms, mobiNET brings together companies to offer more integrated and reliable digital services within a trusted network while protecting property rights, relationships, value chain and brand.

MOBI members will co-create and co-own this network while providing safe and secure mobility for all who participate in the program.

About Robin

Robin Pilling is an expert on distributed technology solutions and applications. Just recently, Robin started Dis3bute, a specialized IT consulting company that helps connected industries with their digital transformation journeys by utilizing distributed technologies. 

In this context, Robin supports MOBI as a Technical Lead and helps to connect MOBI’s Working Group efforts to the deployment of the Open Mobility Network (OMN), a joint service infrastructure for future mobility services initiated by MOBI last year. 

Before joining MOBI, Robin together with four European blockchain startups jointly developed the Mobility Blockchain Platform (MBP). Robin started his career as a development engineer at Daimler Mercedes-Benz Vans, where he was part of developing an autonomous vehicle for future transportation solutions. 

Robin got first exposure to distributed systems when he was working on payment mechanisms for intelligent power networks as a graduate researcher at National Taiwan University (NTU).