This lecture took place on 7 December 2022.

Current global climate and environmental emergencies are pushing regulatory frameworks, business models, and marketing toward standardizing units of measurement. In this global framework, the carbon footprint is emerging as the standard global unit of measurement toward a net-zero society.

German Insurtech company Wefox Group has developed an insurance platform that leverages data from energy consumption to determine which appliances are in use, enabling innovative and precise coverage.

Wefox adopted MOVENS technology developed by Henshin Group. MOVENS is a cloud agnostic IoT and standard platform designed to be the Integration Hub for the Smart City, connecting all layers and related entities involved in the Smart City ecosystem.

About the Speakers

Domenico Mangiacapra has been working around new technology mobility platforms for many years, holding several executive positions in various IT companies. Currently, he is CEO of Henshin Group, a tech company focused on developing IoT infrastructure designed to be an open-source platform ecosystem for mobility and energy.

Tomaso Mansutti has a long-established experience in automotive through many partnerships with OEMs and is currently Head of International Partnerships of Wefox Group, primary leader in the global InsurTech Landscape. Wefox Group has been named Europe’s number 1 digital insurer that provides OEMs with seamless and integrated digital solutions, capable of delivering pay per use insurance for electric and combustion vehicles with a competitive advantage on ADAS ready solutions.