Robin Pilling, MOBI Technical Lead will present the Open Mobility Network (OMN) to the Hyperledger Public Sector Special Interest Group on April 16, 2021. Hyperledger Public Sector Special Interest Group (public-sector-SIG) is a Special Interest group focused on applying distributed ledger technology in general, and Hyperledger technologies in particular, to the public sector (e.g., government and government-related) uses and needs

The OMN is a community built and operated business automation network that helps mobility stakeholders and related businesses with an open & inclusive infrastructure. Members of the OMN will have a neutral platform for multi-party application development enabled by a joint core services infrastructure and be able to offer next-generation mobility service to their end customers. Accordingly, the OMN supports MOBI’s vision of a world where users around the world are willing to share transportation data, manage mobility service transactions, and exchange identity and usage information within a trusted service network.

The lecture will outline the business model and value proposition to develop a community-built, automated business transaction network for mobility and transportation services for a new economy of movement.

About Robin

Robin Pilling is an expert on distributed technology solutions and applications. Just recently, Robin started Dis3bute, a specialized IT consulting company that helps connected industries with their digital transformation journeys by utilizing distributed technologies.

As part of his activities, Robin works for MOBI as a Technical Lead to help connect MOBI’s Working Group efforts with the deployment of the Open Mobility Network (OMN), a joint service infrastructure for future mobility services initiated by MOBI last year.

Before joining MOBI, Robin together with four European blockchain startups jointly developed the Mobility Blockchain Platform (MBP). Robin started his career as a development engineer at Daimler Mercedes-Benz Vans, where he was part of developing an autonomous vehicle for future transportation solutions.

Robin got first exposure to distributed systems when he was working on payment mechanisms for intelligent power networks as a graduate researcher at National Taiwan University (NTU).