The digital global market is growing at a vertiginous rate, but fragmentation defines its current state. To bridge this technological gap, Henshin Group developed MOVENS, the open-source platform for mobility and energy designed to be the IoT hub in the smart cities of the future and evolving in accordance with the international standards being set by MOBI.

MOVENS’ high-level abstraction architecture enables integration of all layers involved in the Smart City ecosystem — physical devices, connectivity, services, etc. — and the implementation of cutting-edge technology for each layer. Henshin Group is strategically positioned to share its vision and how the agnostic cloud-based IoT platform can speed up the technological convergence of the mobility and energy industries.

Domenico Mangiacapra is the CEO of Henshin Group. He has been working for many years around new tech mobility platforms. Henshin Group developed MOVENS, the Open Source Platform Ecosystem for Mobility and Energy Industries designed to be the Hub of IoT in the Smart City.  

Luca Salvadori is an innovation manager, blockchain advisor, and business developer. He has successfully enabled SMEs and large companies in leveraging technologies for digitizing their core processes and is responsible for Blockchain and IEO/STO advisory and evaluation processes in addition to managing R&D tech funding.

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