This lecture took place on 18 May 2022. 

Like double-entry bookkeeping and letterpress printing were invented during Renaissance after the great plague pandemic and Religious Wars, COVID-19 and the Ukraine Crisis have been driving the introduction of triple-entry bookkeeping (blockchain/DLT) and rapid expansion of the blockchain-based internet known as Web3 or the Metaverse. Decarbonization is essential to create and visualize new values derived from CO2 reduction efforts. Since CO2 reduction is a global movement, decarbonization can be a new global currency — and making trusted CO2 digital twins is necessary to accelerate such a movement.

For the automobile industry, the key factor of success in the Web3 era is the ability to manage the traceability of supply and value chain data such as battery State of Health (SOH), renewable energies, and carbon footprint through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This data can be used to support the creation of new currencies and monetize vehicle electrification. Policymakers are increasingly in favor of vehicle electrification to accelerate the digital transformation of the automobile industry, promote the economic growth of the renewable energy industry, and enhance network effects in the monetization of sustainable battery value chains.

This lecture aims to elaborate on policymakers’ push for electrification, explore measures to reduce life cycle CO2 emissions, and define key issues/opportunities in the decarbonization of mobility so as to clarify the value proposition of MOBI and its activities.

About the Speaker

Sanshiro Fukao was born in Tokyo in 1981. He is an accomplished author, researcher, and valued Board Member at MOBI. Sanshiro graduated from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in 2003 with a BSc in Environmental Policy with Economics, Department of Geography and Environment. He then went onto to work for Nomura, HSBC, and global hedge funds as a Senior Equity Analyst of multiple sectors in Asia. Since 2014, Sanshiro has worked as a a Senior Research Analyst of Mobility at Bank of Yokohama Group and since joined the think-tank arm of Itochu in August 2019. Sanshiro delivers speeches at international conferences and lectures on smart mobility and blockchain for corporate management and policy makers worldwide. He is the author of “Mobility 2.0 – Smartphonisation of Automobiles”(2018) and coauthored “Mobility Economics – Blockchain Opening Up New Economy of Movement “(2020) with Chris Ballinger, Co-Founder of MOBI. Both books are published by Nikkei Business Publication Inc. in Japan.