Supply chain is global and complicated, but that doesn’t stop people from wanting to know more about the products they’re buying. ARXUM®’s engineering provides distributed ledger technology for the manufacturing industry through a secure and automated cross-company data exchange.

ARXUM®’s CEO, Markus Jostock, Ph.D., alongside Kamil Gaweda, Project Manager, explain their approach to supply chain digitization and how to automate this exchange between companies without losing data sovereignty.  Watch how their uniquely engineered technology can drive down costs by helping companies increase automation, data transfer and business logic robotization.

About Kamil & Markus

Kamil Gaweda is a Project Manager with more than 7 years automotive experience in quality at the supplier and OEM level. Prior to ARXUM®, Kamil was a Project Quality Engineer with Ford.

Markus Jostock, PhD is the CEO and has more than 20 years’ experience in software engineering, development of an IoT Gateway for industrial usage.


ARXUM® provides blockchain and distributed ledger technology to the manufacturing industry and enables a secure and fully automated data exchange between manufacturing companies.

ARXUM® drives down costs in a highly competitive environment by helping companies to increase automation and data transfer and business logic robotization.