MOBI Joins eSTART Coalition to Help Modernize Automotive Title and Registration Processes

Coalition Advocates for Improvements to Streamline Auto Transactions

Los Angeles — 14 March 2024. MOBI, a global nonprofit Web3 consortium, is excited to announce its participation in the Electronic Secure Title and Registration Transformation (eSTART) Coalition as a founding member. eSTART is a group of leading auto industry organizations united in advocating for modern solutions to replace the paper-based processes that currently dominate state and local DMV operations.

The eSTART Coalition focuses on three key areas of vehicle transactions:

  • Permitting electronic signatures on all title and registration documents;
  • Adopting tools for electronic submission and processing of title and registration; and
  • Enabling electronic vehicle records transfers.

Modernizing these processes will result in significant cost and time savings for consumers, state and local DMV operations, and industry participants.

Across the U.S., countless titling/registration service providers maintain unique databases and processes for vehicle registration and titling. While some of these jurisdictions have begun digitizing certain processes, many rely entirely on paper-based and manual workflows. This fragmented approach presents several pain points for Motor Vehicle Authorities (MVAs), private sector participants, and consumers, including:

  • Lack of standardized processes leading to inconsistencies in data management and accessibility.
  • Incurrence of substantial costs associated with paper-based systems, including storage, processing, and handling.
  • Prolonged processing times and increased risk of errors due to manual verification processes.
  • Missed opportunities for cost savings, efficiency gains, and enhanced customer experiences.

Addressing these pain points requires a solution that can be easily adopted across all jurisdictions rather than a solution that functions at a state, county or municipal jurisdiction level. MOBI and its members are collaborating on a Web3-enabled standardized solution to enhance efficiency and cross-border regulatory compliance in MVA operations with an interoperability framework rooted in self-sovereign data and identities. This unified framework serves as a common language, enabling organizations with diverse business processes and legacy systems to efficiently coordinate in a standardized manner without having to build and maintain new infrastructure.

The implementation of a standardized Web3 ecosystem offers a promising solution to streamline operations, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and greatly improve data permissioned-only-access. The ability to verify identities and transactions in a decentralized way can reduce odometer and titling fraud, eliminate the need for manual identity verification, improve insurance products, and enable more seamless remote transactions (e.g. online sales and road usage charging).

“We’re excited to be part of a coalition that not only shares our vision for a more streamlined and modern automotive industry but is actively working towards making it a reality,” said Tram Vo, MOBI CEO and Co-Founder. “MOBI and its members are proud to bring a unique Web3 standardized approach to this groundbreaking endeavor. Together, we’re setting the stage for a more efficient, interoperable ecosystem that empowers stakeholders through enhanced trust and data privacy for all.”

Other transportation industry organizations, including government agencies, industry partners, and associations, are encouraged to join the eSTART Coalition to advocate for these important changes. For more information about eSTART, please visit or contact

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MOBI is a global nonprofit Web3 consortium. We are creating standards for trusted self-sovereign data and identities (e.g. vehicles, people, businesses, things), verifiable credentials, and cross-industry interoperability. Our goal is to make the digital economy more efficient, equitable, decentralized, and sustainable while preserving data privacy for users and providers alike. For additional information about joining MOBI, please visit

About eSTART Coalition

The Electronic Secure Title and Registration Transformation (eSTART) Coalition is a united group of leading automotive organizations committed to modernizing and streamlining automotive title and registration processes. eSTART focuses on advocating for the implementation of efficient technology solutions to replace the paper-dependent systems currently used by DMVs. Through collective advocacy and action at the local and national levels, the coalition aims to drive significant improvement in automotive industry processes in ways that benefit all customers, DMVs and industry participants.

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