The future of MOBI’s technology initiatives are best explained in our technology stack, coined ‘MTS’. The stack is made up of MOBI Standards, the Open Mobility Network (OMN), and Citopia. You can visit our MTS page for a deeper understanding of the layers. 

In this presentation, Tram delivers a clear picture of the MOBI ecosystem and what drives the new economy of movement. Watch to learn about MOBI’s standards, 6 working groups, architectures available to the OMN, and the Citopia marketplace.

About Tram

Tram Vo is an interdisciplinary entrepreneur with cross industry experience.  She is Co-Founder and COO of MOBI, as well as Founder of DREAM, the Distributed Registry for Entertainment, Art, and Media.  Prior to working in the technology sector, she consulted for global museums, universities, and NGOs such as UNESCO and the J. Paul Getty Trust for two decades, leading highly specialized projects for cultural heritage in the Middle East, North Africa, the US, Europe, and Asia.