This lecture took place on 8 December 2021.

bloXmove has been working with 50Hertz and the Energy Web Foundation on a common infrastructure to “couple” the two sectors of Power & Mobility. bloXmove and its partners share one common goal: a world where energy is not only renewable but sustainable as well as flexible. Together, bloXmove and its partners will bring the green energy supply and market participation of decentralized assets to the next level with distributed ledger technology. Next to this vision, bloXmove Co-Founder and CTO Harry Behrens presented two applications:

  • 1) flexibility to balance spikes in renewable power generation by using vehicles as rolling batteries, and
  • 2) “bring your own provider”: allowing users to use e.g. power providers – dedicated to renewable energies only – at any charging station in the ecosystem

Harry outlined the main technical mechanisms, mainly Decentralized Identifiers (DID), blockchain, and other decentralized technologies. Viewers can expect to learn more about how decentralized technologies can help bridge the power and mobility sectors in ways never before thought possible. This is proof of bloXmove’s belief: blockchain’s full business potential will not be unlocked by one OEM or single use cases. The superior value lies in combining multiple uses cases across different parties to bring new contributors into an open network.

About the Speaker

Dr. Harry Behrens, founder and CTO of bloXmove, established and headed the Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory until May 2021. It is there that he combined his experience in mobility, automotive finance, and Blockchain to design and build the Daimler Mobility Blockchain Platform. The software that has now become Harry has been actively involving himself in Blockchain since 2013. In 2016 he co-founded the Daimler Financial Services Blockchain swarm and initiated the development of the smartVIN ® Blockchain platform. Before starting his new position as “Mr. Blockchain” for Daimler Mobility AG, he was Head of IT for Mobility and Digital Finance for Mercedes Benz Auto Finance China. He was also the interim CTO of car2go in China.

Harry has a Master in Computer Science from the TU Munich, with a thesis on Neural Networks, and a Ph.D. in Information Engineering from the University of Tokyo with a thesis on Distributed Artificial Intelligence. He speaks six languages fluently and is trying to learn Mandarin Chinese.