Aucnet Inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market TYO: 3964) launched the world’s first remote, real-time used car auction in 1985 and continues to provide innovative distribution platforms, inspection services, and related services for the automotive, consumer electronics, luxury goods, and other industries.  Aucnet’s online used car auction platform has grown to connect over 100 physical auction sites and provides its members access to over 70% of the seven million cars auctioned in Japan annually.

The electric vehicle (EV) shift that is rapidly reshaping the new car market will soon flow onto the used car sector. This will result in the need for new levels of information sharing and inspection technologies to accurately and transparently determine the fair value of EVs and their batteries in the used market.  Vehicle Identity (VID), Battery Identity (BID), and other blockchain applications will play significant roles in enabling this. Aucnet aims to become the leading circular distribution platform for used EVs and their batteries.

Aucnet seeks to foster mutually beneficial collaborations in the automobile, battery, and blockchain industries to take on the challenges and opportunities presented by the greatest period of change since the Industrial Revolution.

About the Speakers

Masayasu Takigawa is a member of the Board of Directors and Senior Managing Executive Officer at Aucnet Inc., and a member of the Board of Directors of AIS Inc, Aucnet’s vehicle inspection subsidiary.  Masayasu heads Aucnet’s Automobile Division and its drive to become the leader in circular distribution platforms for EVs and their batteries. Prior to joining Aucnet, Masayasu held executive level positions with Itochu Corporation and associated companies, centered on communications, media, and entertainment. Most recently, Masayasu served as President and CEO of Enroute Co. Ltd, the leading B2B UAV drone manufacturer in Japan.  Previously he was a Director and Executive Officer of Space Shower Networks Inc, which operates the first and largest music channel for satellite and cable TV in Japan, as well as live music events and venues. Prior to that, Masayasu was Executive Vice President at Ishimori Production Inc., which was founded by the anime artist Shotaro Ishinomori, the creater of “Kamen Riders,” “Cyborg009,” and “Gorangers” to name only a few. At Itochu Corporation, Masayasu served as Senior Department Officer, Network & Content Business and held management positions at satellite TV company SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation. Masayasu received his Bachelor of Economics degree from Sophia University in Tokyo.

Zac Burt is responsible for new business development at Aucnet Inc., with a focus on the international expansion of Aucnet’s services through new technologies and business collaborations.  Zac also serves on the Board of Directors of AucNation Synergy Sdn. Bhd., a vehicle inspection company in Malaysia. Prior to joining Aucnet, Zac was Product and Market Manager for Volvo Car New Zealand, where he oversaw the introduction of Volvo’s first plug-in hybrid model in 2015.  Zac entered the automotive industry with vehicle inspection company Automotive Technologies Limited, where he held management positions in Tokyo and Auckland.  Zac started his career in Japan with insurance company Anicom Holdings Inc. where he worked in the system administration team. Zac received his MBA, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Auckland.