This webinar took place on 31 May 2023.

Traent specializes in developing hybrid blockchains, an innovative solution that enables real-time and data-intensive applications on blockchain while ensuring data confidentiality and auditability. Traent’s patent-pending architecture combines the strengths of private and public networks, overcoming challenges that have hindered blockchain adoption by enterprises.

In this webinar, Fabio Severino, CTO and co-Founder of Traent, will introduce the Traent ecosystem and present practical use cases and case studies relative to the automotive sector. The lecture will demonstrate the Vehicle and Battery Passports, which utilize data from car connectivity to provide secure and real-time insights. Fabio will additionally show how Traent solution successfully implements key requirements for enterprise blockchains, such as:

  • Authentication: All actors within the system are properly identified, and any data managed by the system is non-repudiable, ensuring accountability.

  • Performance: Designed to serve as the primary data layer for data-intensive and real-time applications, our system ensures high performance and responsiveness.

  • Privacy: The system includes robust data access controls, allowing for limitations on data accessibility as needed.

  • Disclosability: Data generated within the system can be shared with external actors, such as end-users, auditors, or new network nodes, while maintaining the ability to verify its integrity, authenticity, and historical consistency.

  • Erasability: The system enables selective data erasure while preserving the ability to prove the integrity, authenticity, and historical consistency of the remaining data.

  • Usability: Traent prioritizes user experience by providing intuitive interfaces and data visualizations that do not require users to deal with blockchain technicalities. Easy as Web2.0 but it’s Web3.

Fabio Severino is CTO and co-Founder of Traent S.r.l, a startup that develops hybrid blockchains to foster ethical, sustainable, and transparent behaviors between enterprises. With a blockchain background dating back to 2016, Fabio has successfully led numerous projects and software companies on both national and international levels. Notably, he lead the development of a trading app that transacted over C$23.2 trillion in 2020. He currently leads Traent’s research and development group, designing new blockchain-based architectures, creating patents and scientific articles, and providing strategic direction for all of the company’s products.