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1. Tell me about yourself! What’s your background like?

UK: I have been doing software development for the last 17 years. I started programming when I was 13 years old and my first experience was building WAP sites back in 2005.Then I quickly shifted to web development and for the next 6 years I was primarily a web developer. Later I switched to mobile development, game development, enterprise application development, and open software development. I’m the creator and maintainer of TypeORM, an open source library used by hundreds of thousands of developers. I graduated from the Software Engineering faculty of Russian-Tajik Slavic University. Other than that I’m mostly a family guy. I love new technologies and I’m a builder in my soul; I love to build new things to accelerate sustainable development. My main hobby is sports car driving.

2. How did you end up joining MOBI? What can you tell me about your role?

I have always loved working on new projects using the latest technologies. In early 2019, friend of mine suggested that I join MOBI and start developing products based on the latest development trends ⁠— projects using Blockchain technology. For me it was perfect timing because I had just finished working on my previous project, so I agreed to join MOBI. Currently my role in MOBI is to lead the software development and make sure all MOBI software initiatives are stable and efficient.


3. What can you tell me about the current state of development on the MOBI Web3 Infrastructure?

Currently the development team is working on ITN and Citopia projects. On the ITN side, the development team constantly improves our ITN software development kit (SDK) by adding new features in addition to improving documentation and overall developer experience. We also maintain ITN testnet stability, add new members to the network, and help resolve issues faced by current members. On Citopia side we are in the process of building out the Citopia partsTRAK and Citopia vinTRAK projects. Citopia partsTRAK’s first application is to enable EV battery parts track and trace among suppliers, OEMs, dealers, logistics providers, and vehicle owners. Citopia vinTRAK’s first application is Dealer Floorplan Audit to enable automated processes to securely verify vehicle location using decentralized identities and zero-knowledge proofs. This first application on vinTRAK will enable countless others such as Road Usage Charge (RUC) and Usage-Based Insurance.

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