By bloXmove

Bringing a fully carbon-neutral economy to life around the world requires more far-reaching measures than just making an energy transition. A sweeping reimagination of critical economic sectors must take place in order to meet this challenge of our lifetime. bloXmove has identified significant opportunities for change in the global power and mobility sectors and has carefully crafted next-level solutions to scale the hurdles we face.

The Challenges

Modern urban mobility is characterized by massive inefficiency and excess. The world’s major cities are congested with vehicles. Mobility today is fragmented, putting the user through endless hassles and often forcing them to manage multiple apps just to meet their mobility needs as they travel from point A to point B.

In the power sector, even as renewable energy becomes more popular, there remain critical problems that need to be solved. One key issue is that we can’t turn off renewable energy on demand — this inefficiency makes the sector prone to volatility, which has energy providers operating at a loss in certain scenarios.

The Goal

Reinventing the urban mobility and power sectors of any economy is bound to be challenging, as both represent universally integral parts of modern life. At bloXmove, we have achieved a trifecta of requirements that put us in a prime position to bring this change to life. That is, a solution that makes the life of the end-user easier, one that is hyper-efficient for providers, and one that is easy to adopt without dismantling legacy systems or forcing companies to undergo invasive and highly disruptive process changes.

bloXmove uses decentralized ledger technologies such as blockchain and decentralized identifiers (DIDs) to create a protocol that enables broad collaboration between competing mobility providers. Our Blockchain Mobility Platform gives users a 1-click solution for an end-to-end mobility experience across various modes of transportation. To fully capitalize on the new level of efficiency we bring to urban mobility, we have partnered with leading power industry players such as 50Hertz and Energy Web Foundation (EWF) to integrate electric vehicles into the power grid and meet the challenges faced by the renewable energy industry with the following use cases in mind:

Rolling Batteries

To tackle the challenges of renewable energy storage and end volatility, bloXmove is developing technology that will turn electric vehicles into rolling batteries. This technology creates a bi-directional intersection between urban mobility and power, wherein EVs take and store green power during low-demand periods and give back to the grid at peak times. This brings a new level of flexibility to make the power industry leaner and more efficient.

Open Collaboration Among Electricity Providers

The second arm of our “Power meets Mobility” solution aims to foster a collaborative atmosphere via a “bring your own electric provider” model at public charging stations. This model ensures that any electric vehicle owner already subscribed to a 100% carbon neutral electricity provider can charge at any charging station in the ecosystem regardless of who runs the station. This reflects bloXmove’s current role in promoting stakeholder collaboration within the mobility industry.

The EU’s pledge to transition to a carbon-neutral economy by 2050 is a clear example of the shift in global policy and the larger awareness of the urgency for sustainable economies. Power and mobility are critical sectors that must work hand-in-hand if we are to truly achieve the new green reality. Leveraging its single identity, fully automated, and easy-to-integrate protocol, bloXmove is strategically positioned to be a leader in charting the course for greener and more efficient power and mobility industries.

bloXmove and MOBI

Our partnership with MOBI offers bloXmove the key advantage of becoming part of MOBI’s broad and strong network where we can meet new partners from both the mobility and energy industries. Along with other business and science experts, bloXmove has the opportunity to work on developing sound standards in the industry. The joint development of these standards is absolutely crucial for a future scenario as envisioned by bloXmove, wherein power and mobility will be coupled and work hand in hand. MOBI is making it possible for its members to work together to lay the foundations for decentralized networks, smart contracts, and automated communication.