MOBI standards

MOBI Standards

Before the adoption of any revolutionary technology, industries need standards and specifications to build the foundational infrastructure enabling the creation of products and services that can communicate and work together. Read the MOBI Standards.





MOBI’s blockchain-based standards allow members to share data, assets, and applications within the mobiNET. The standards serve as a foundation for the network, ultimately creating an interoperable menu of services and data sharing, resulting in seamless transactions within a verified and trusted infrastructure.

Autonomous V2X transactions will become an increasingly large part of the multi-trillion dollar, pay-as-you-go, mobility services economy. The mobiNET will offer mobility stakeholders and related businesses an open and inclusive core services infrastructure for decentralized transactions at the edge.



The goal is to unlock monetization opportunities across mobility and transportation services by allowing application interoperability and multi-party data sharing. Consider it a “Point of Sale” network for the machine economy. Currently, the number of possible transactions or paired transactions for digital services is in the low billions. Edge transactions between any two IoT devices will reach hundreds of billions in the next few years.

Co-created and co-owned by MOBI members, the mobiNET starts with a technology-agnostic network designed for multi-party vertical applications, which is enabled by a secure joint core-services infrastructure. Bringing organizations together within a trusted network while protecting their intellectual property (IP) rights, customers, value chains, and brands.

At the top of the stack is Citopia, a multimodal transit and payments application platform built on blockchain. This application will enable efficient trip planning and usage based micropayments through your mobile phone. Citopia will be supported by the mobiNET and integrated into the menu of core services. MOBI and its partners are creating simple ways of identifying vehicles, people, and trips to streamline mobility transactions by promoting secure protocols for vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communications and payments. Citopia is a multimodal mobility payments platform built on blockchain that allows for the monetization of infrastructure use (i.e., road usage) and other new mobility services. Both consumers of the application and mobility asset owners will have a single point of entry to interact within this tokenized ecosystem.

The ecosystem is made up of the following:

  1. The marketplace – offering data privacy and a centralized hub where competing mobility players can be represented and users can consume mobility services.
  2. A utility stable token – facilitating transactions through one payment method; and
  3. Our community – creating, adopting, and implementing standards which are the foundation for the new economy of movement.