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Alongside our global community, we’ve demonstrated several potential use cases for Citopia and Integrated Trust Network (ITN) services through various pilot projects. Citopia and the ITN services are business-to-business (B2B) only. Together, Citopia and the ITN provide the necessary infrastructure for node operators to build out secure, seamless, globally compliant web services and applications. MOBI membership is required to operate a node on Citopia and/or the ITN. Contact us to learn more about becoming a node operator

Overview of the Pilot and the Problem It Solves

The eTitling/eRegistration Automation Pilot (“Pilot”) is spearheaded by MOBI’s Finance, Securitization, and Smart Contract (FSSC) Working Group (WG) with contributions from Accenture, Altaventure, Amazon Web Services, BMW Bank, CEVT, Connections Insights, CO-OP Financial Services, ConsenSys, D.E. Consulting, DENSO, DMI, Ford Credit, Global Debt Registry, GM Financial, Honda, IOTA, Itochu, National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), Nissan Motor Acceptance Company, On the Road Lending, Orrick, Quant Network, Quantstamp, Reply, RouteOne, Southeast Toyota Finance, Spring Free EV, Stellantis Financial Services, Tezos Foundation, Toyota Industries Corporation, Trade Log, and USAA.

Across the U.S., there are hundreds or even thousands of jurisdictions with unique databases and processes for handling registration and titling. While organizations in some of these jurisdictions have begun digitizing certain processes, it is difficult to automate eTitling/eRegistration across state lines with existing centralized platforms and databases. The sheer amount of stakeholders involved means that the frictional cost of trust is extremely high, and centralized solutions lack the interoperability and data security needed to address the challenges facing the ecosystem. Solving these pain points requires a secure solution that can be easily and cheaply adopted across all jurisdictions rather than one that functions at a state, county, or municipal jurisdiction level.

MOBI leverages standards-based Self-Sovereign Digital Twins™ (SSDTs)™ — decentralized universal translators — for ecosystem interoperability. SSDTs™ can be used by stakeholders within their existing applications to increase the efficiency of registration and titling for vehicles at the point of purchase or transfer. In Phase 1 of the Pilot, the FSSC WG will demonstrate privacy-preserving multiparty business automation for eTitling across jurisdictional and organizational lines. SSDTs™ will be used for communication interoperability without the need to build new infrastructure. The WG is currently drafting high-level requirements for the pilot. Phase 2 will include real-world implementation.

Vehicle Manufacturers(OEMs); Financial Institutions (FIs) /Lenders & Servicers; Dealerships; Motor Vehicle Authorities (MVAs) / Third party registration & titling providers (RTPs); State Authorized Inspectors, Department of Justice National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (DoJ NMVTIS); Third Party Data Consolidators; Fleet Operators; and Consumers.

Our Innovative Solution

Self-Sovereign Digital Twins™: trusted decentralized identity for interoperability and business automation

Currently, digital transactions rely on identities issued by centralized platforms to prove their credentials. However, in addition to being vulnerable to fraud, identity theft, and data leaks, centralized approaches to identity management fail to address the trust problems created by the rise of decentralized services, IOT, and Generative AI. As digitization advances, it will become increasingly challenging — and costly — to verify data authenticity, secure digital perimeters, and ensure cross-border regulation compliance. This is critical for state agencies like MVAs and regulated lenders, who are responsible for executing the bulk of the registration/titling process.

Overcoming these challenges calls for a new solution. The White House’s Federal Zero Trust Strategy (2022) underscores this need by directing federal agencies to adopt a Zero Trust framework by the end of FY 2024. Zero Trust requires every entity to authenticate and validate every other entity for every single digital transaction at all times. Since this is not possible through Web2/centralized means, we must leverage Web3 technologies and principles to unlock privacy-preserving ecosystem interoperability using Citopia Self-Sovereign Digital Twins™ (SSDTs™).

What are SSDTs™?

SSDTs™ are portable digital twins that can automatically authenticate identity and selectively disclose pertinent data for Web3 transactions at the edge. SSDTs™ combine standards from W3C, MOBI, IEEE, ISO, SAE, and others with Zero-Knowledge cryptography to offer the data privacy and autonomy needed to engage in secure, tamper-evident transactions across the connected ecosystem. SSDTs™ enable cross-industry interoperability and business automation through:

  • Enabling seamless verification and validation of identities and transactions

  • Empowering the creation of regulation-compliant data privacy solutions

  • Providing the ability to obtain and monetize data at the moment of transaction without the need to open up databases / store data

  • Serving as platform-agnostic, legacy system compatible “universal translators,” eliminating the need to build new infrastructure / APIs


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