Motivation Behind the Pilot

Members of the MOBI VID I and II, EVGI, CMDM, FSSC, SC, and UBMI working groups formed DRIVES (Distributed Registry for Intelligent Vehicle Ecosystem and Sustainability) in April 2021 to ideate, incubate, and demonstrate multi-party use cases and accelerate the implementation of MOBI standards and MOBI Trusted Trip (MTT). Through many discussions, the group decided to center the first use cases and demo around electric vehicles and sustainable transportation. The first pilot was developed to demonstrate a user journey involving electric vehicle charging, payment, battery state of health (SOH) tracking, tailpipe emissions tracking, road usage charging, and validation of decentralized sovereign identities. Preserving data privacy is integral to the MOBI mission, our Trusted Trip, and the New Economy of Movement; as a result, all MOBI use cases are designed such that data is stored locally on a user’s device or provider’s server unless the user or provider explicitly authorizes data sharing. 

What the Pilot Demonstrates

The pilot leverages the recently published MOBI Trusted Trip standard to demonstrate the process of a vehicle owner finding a charging station, making the trip to the charging station, charging the vehicle, and paying for the charging session. MTT ensures that the trip attributes are digitally signed in the form of verifiable credentials, which any third party can easily verify. In addition, MTT data from battery usage and charging history helps determine the battery SOH, which is crucial for battery valuation, second life, and recycling use cases. 

mobiNET and Citopia form the necessary digital infrastructure for this pilot. mobiNET provides trusted identity services while the Citopia decentralized platform enables MTT verifiable credentials and allows users to search for charging stations, navigate trips, make payments, track trip tailpipe emissions, track charging sessions, and report on vehicle battery SOH. 

Result of the Pilot and Next Steps

The pilot was demonstrated on the 25 and 28 of October in the mobiNET and DRIVES meetings respectively. The development team is continually refining the deployment process and the code is accessible on MOBI GitHub to all mobiNET and DRIVES members. Stay tuned for news about our next pilots!

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