MOBI Community Innovation Lecture: Ocean V3 by Bruce Pon

Ocean Protocol has recently launched V3 – featuring datatokens, Ocean Market and IDOs (Initial Data Offerings). In this virtual lecture, Bruce Pon, Ocean Protocol Founder, presents the Ocean V3’s main concepts and opportunities for the mobility sector. Ocean V3 brings all the capabilities of data sharing in a Web3 native architecture that makes it easier […]

MOBI Community Innovation Lecture: Earned Trust, Priority, and the Multi-Machine Maneuver Transaction by Karl Wunderlich, Ph.D.

When multiple autonomous vehicles operate near one another, contemporaneous motions and actions of these vehicles must be organized to encourage an efficient and collision-free operational environment. In this virtual lecture, Dr. Wunderlich presents an operational model based on machine negotiation that explicitly considers the critical interplay between machine trust and priority. Collective maneuver planning is […]

MOBI Technology Stack with MOBI COO + Co-Founder Tram Vo

MOBI COO and Co-Founder Tram Vo shares our future technology initiatives that we are calling the MOBI technology stack. The stack is made up of MOBI Standards, the OMN, and dAPPs offered through the CITOPIA Applications Marketplace. The advantages of the MOBI OEM ecosystem are clearly illustrated in Tram’s talk and are what drives the […]

MOBI Community Innovation Lecture: Financially Autonomous Vehicles by Bhaskar Krishnamachari

In this virtual lecture, you will hear Professor Krishnamachari’s take on financially autonomous vehicles. Bhaskar is the Director of the Viterbi Center for Cyber Physical Systems and the Internet of Things at the University of Southern California, where he is also a professor of electrical and computer engineering. Bhaskar has expertise in designing algorithms and […]

MOBI Community Innovation Lecture: The Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) by Constellation Network

Constellation Network’s, Hypergraph, is a resilient decentralized network that is globally distributed and is built to cryptographically secure complex data types making this the first scalable cybersecurity solution for big data processing. The company has working contracts in the federal space engaged with various agencies in the DoD to cryptographically secure data in transit at […]

MOBI Community Innovation Lecture: The partnership between DLT Labs and Walmart Canada

In these tough times, businesses across all industries are doubling down on outcome goals, process goals and performance goals – and demanding results in both revenues and costs. Shannon Hamilton, VP of Growth and Adoption, will share insights on how the partnership between DLT Labs and Walmart Canada is a perfect example of an enterprise […]

MOBI Community Innovation Lecture: ARXUM’s Supply Chain Digitization

Supply chain is global and complicated, but that doesn’t stop people from wanting to know more about the products they’re buying. ARXUM®’s engineering provides distributed ledger technology for the manufacturing industry through a secure and automated cross-company data exchange. In this presentation, ARXUM®’s CEO, Markus Jostock, Ph.D., alongside Kamil Gaweda, Project Manager, showed the audience […]

MOBI Community Innovation Lecture: IOTA’s DLT Technology

Solving problems in the mobility and automotive space is one of the most compelling reasons for DLT adoption around the world. DLTs are also the right solution for enabling new innovation that will make our lives simpler, cities more livable, and businesses better able to meet the needs of their customers. IOTA’s DLT technology has […]

MOBI Community Innovation Lecture: The Open Mobility Network

Transportation and mobility at large are being disrupted tremendously with the advent of new technologies and connectivity. The survivors of the ecosystem will need to adapt quickly, innovate, and move fast to capture new revenue opportunities and create existing cost structures efficiencies. At the core of this lies a need for a transparent, trustworthy, secure, […]

MOBI Community Innovation Lecture: Ledger Sockets by R3

On July 15, Mike Hearn, Lead Platform Engineer at R3, gave a dynamic presentation on ledger sockets, a new take on how to link on-ledger monetary state to the physical world via embedded computers. He expertly examined to what extent this concept translates out of cryptocurrency and how apps mixing IoT and money can be […]